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Academic Probation and Dismissal

SVSU students are placed on academic probation when they fail to meet the cumulative grade point average designated by the university. Students are notified of their probationary status via an email to their SVSU email account or a letter to their preferred mailing address on file with the Office of the Registrar. Once students are placed on academic probation, their financial aid may be affected. To remove themselves from the probationary status, a student must raise their cumulative grade point average above the designated levels set by the university.

If a student is placed upon academic probation, there is a possibility that they may experience a future academic dismissal. Dismissal rules state that a student must attain a 2.00-semester grade point average and, if they don't, SVSU has grounds to dismiss them. If a student experiences academic dismissal, they cannot register for any SVSU courses. However, students do have the option to appeal an academic dismissal and may complete a Readmission Application and experience another probationary period if their appeal is granted.


The student will receive an email or letter from the Office of the Registrar to their SVSU email account or their preferred mailing address. 

After completing at least one semester of coursework at SVSU, a student will be placed on probation if he/she fails to meet the following semester grade point average requirement (SVSU credits only - transfer credits and courses numbered below 100 level are not included): 

CreditsCumulative Grade Point Average
0 - 11 credits earned 1.00 GPA
12 - 24 credits earned 1.70 GPA
25 - 36 credits earned 1.90 GPA
37+ credits earned 2.00 GPA

*The Academic Probation and Dismissal Policy is listed in the University Catalog and was ratified by the full faculty.

It depends on if a student was placed on probation or if they have already been dismissed. Some students may lose their financial aid. Please see the Campus Financial Services Center for specific details regarding financial aid.

Campus Financial Services Center

(989) 964-4900

Wickes Hall 131

A student is removed from probation when his/her cumulative grade point average rises above the following levels. The student is continued on probation if the semester average is 2.00 or higher, but the cumulative grade point average has not attained the minimum standards of the graduated scale listed below.

CreditsCumulative Grade Point Average
0 - 11 credits earned 1.00 GPA
12 - 24 credits earned 1.70 GPA
25- 36 credits earned 1.90 GPA
37+ credits earned 2.00 GPA

*The Academic Probation and Dismissal policy is listed in the University Catalog and was ratified by the full faculty.

If a student is in good academic standing at the close of the winter semester and immediately goes into the spring or summer classes with such standing, the course grade(s) s/he earns in spring and/or summer will not influence the academic standing.  Even if the cumulative GPA goes below 2.0 from grades earned in spring and/or summer, the student will still enter the consecutive fall semester in good standing.  However, if the cumulative GPA is below 2.0 at the close of that fall semester, then the standing is subject to the policy listed in the university Catalog on academic probation. 


A student will be dismissed from the university if, while on academic probation, they fail to attain a 2.00 cumulative grade point average. Students who have been dismissed cannot register for any SVSU classes under any status, not even as a guest student.

If a student has been academically dismissed from the university, they may appeal to the Office of the Registrar for reinstatement by submitting an essay.

Reinstatement is not automatic, but each case is reviewed on an individual basis. If a student has been academically dismissed, they may appeal the dismissal by submitting an essay to the Registrar, Dr. Cliff Dorne, at This must be done before the beginning of the semester for which they are appealing to be readmitted, the earlier, the better. The Academic Dismissal Committee will not consider any appeal that is submitted once classes begin for the semester intended by the appeal.

The essay must indicate the student's plan concerning the changes that they intend to make with respect to life circumstances and/or behavior if readmitted to the university. The essay should reflect their personal responsibility for their academic performance. If the student is including any rationale for academic performance that involves illness, disability or injury, they must include official documentation from the doctor or healthcare provider on letterhead with signature and office contact information.

Once the student has submitted the essay to the Registrar, Dr. Dorne will place the case on the agenda of the University Academic Dismissal Committee. They will review the information, including the academic records and receive input from the relevant Dean, and render a ruling with instructions subsequently conveyed to the student by email.

After a student successfully appeals and is granted permission to come back, the student will be placed on probation. Probationary status is applicable to all reinstated students. These students will continue to be on probation until they have successfully met the GPA criteria designated by the university.

If a student's federal financial aid was taken away (referred to as Satisfactory Academic Policy or SAP), this may be appealed in the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid as well to attempt to reinstate the aid, but only after the Academic Dismissal Committee rules in favor of readmission to the university.

For further questions and information please call the Office of the Registrar at (989) 964-4085. 

Readmission is for undergraduate students who have been academically dismissed and wish to reapply to SVSU or for those who have not been active for seven or more semesters. For more information, please see the Admission's Office FAQ for Readmission.

If a student is on academic probation at the close of winter semester and immediately enrolls in spring and/or summer classes, and the cumulative GPA is still under a 2.0 at the close of these spring and/or summer semesters, the student will remain on academic probation going into the consecutive Fall semester.  If, at the close of that Fall semester, the cumulative GPA is under 2.0, the student would then be academically dismissed from the university and ineligible to enroll in the consecutive winter semester.


Office of the Registrar
Wickes 151
(989) 964-4085