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Second Bachelors, Dual Degree & Second Major

If a student is considering a second bachelor's degree or second major, they are strongly encouraged to seek career advice from a Faculty Advisor or a Career Services Advisor. They may find that an SVSU Master's degree would be a better option when considering educational credentials that will optimize their academic and professional preparation for the job market.

Second Bachelors Degree

  • Students pursuing a second SVSU undergraduate degree must complete a minimum of 30 additional credits beyond the first degree and fulfill all requirements listed for a different major than from the first degree.
    • Example, if you earned a B.A in History. The second degree needs to be a B.S. or a BBA and so on. But not another BA degree.
  • Basic Skills, General Education and Upper Division categories will be waived.
  • All required prerequisite courses will need to be completed.
  • Students do not need a minor for a second degree.
  • Financial aid might not be available for a second bachelor’s degree, though the student may qualify for a student loan if they are still eligible, and the maximum debt limit has not been reached. Please address these questions to the SVSU Office of Financial Services.

Dual Degree

  • Must be in two different degree programs.
    • For example, BA and BS or BBA and BA or BPA and BBA.
  • To earn two SVSU bachelor's degrees, all degree requirements must be met in both curricula pursuant to the University Catalog(s) in effect at the time of admission to the respective program.
    • Students will need a minimum of 150 total credits to earn a dual degree.
      • If you are earning a BPA and want to dual degree, it would be a minimum of 180 total credits to earn both.
    • One program must contain a major/minor (or interdisciplinary) and the other program only requires a major.

Second Major

  • If a student wants to complete two majors in the same college that is considered a second major and not a dual degree.
    • A minor is not required for second majors.
  • Students can also double major in programs from different colleges without pursuing a dual degree.
    • For example, Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Marketing and a second major in Graphic Design.
    • Or Bachelor of Nursing with a second major in Spanish.


*New credit totals listed per the 2024-2025 Academic Catalog - available August 2024


Office of the Registrar
Wickes 151
(989) 964-4085