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The SVSU Course Catalog serves as the student's guide to admission and graduation requirements throughout their collegiate career. It provides detailed information about all SVSU academic programs, as well as important policies, procedures and other resources. Students are provided with brief descriptions of all courses and the programs of study that are open to both undergraduate and graduate students. All students should refer to the Course Catalog for information that they'll need to successfully complete a degree program at SVSU. 

Students can find the current Course Catalog by going to


Students can find previous Course Catalogs by going to and clicking on "Previous Catalogs."

If students wish to see a catalog that is not listed online, they must contact the Office of the Registrar to see a hardcopy.

Yes, catalogs have a lifespan of six years.

A student's Academic/Course Catalog is from the academic year (August to July) that they were officially admitted to SVSU as a student. They can check to see what Course Catalog year they were in by going to and looking at their online degree audit.

If a person has been an inactive student for more than seven semesters, they will need to be readmitted to the university by filling out a Readmission Application.

Unfortunately, if a student hasn't graduated within six years, they will be automatically moved to the next current Course Catalog. Depending on their program, they may have additional courses added to their degree audit.

If a student feels that they may fall into this category, they must contact the Office of Academic Advising at (989) 964-4286 or visit Wickes Hall 117 to make an appointment to speak to an Advisor.

SVSU offers courses on a semester basis and while it doesn't have an attendance policy, many faculty members do have attendance policies for their classes.

For more information on the Credit Hours & Attendance policy please refer to Academic Policies within the SVSU Catalog.

It's important to note that all graduation requirements are based on the guidelines and requirements published in the catalog in effect at the time a student initially registered at Saginaw Valley State University as a degree-seeking student. However, students do have the option of choosing to follow graduation requirements in a catalog published after their initial registration, but they must follow the entire set of graduation requirements listed in that catalog. Furthermore, no student may graduate under the requirements of a catalog published more than six calendar years prior to the date of graduation. If a student has to be readmitted, they must follow all the requirements and regulations in the catalog current at the time that they re-enroll.

Course Catalog


Office of the Registrar
Wickes 151
(989) 964-4085