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The mission of the SVSU Foundation is to generate and cultivate a community of enthusiastic and loyal donors who contribute to the development of a premier university of outstanding students.

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SVSU Foundation Annual Report
Fiscal Year 2023

Sixty years ago, the vision of a four-year college became a reality when a charter was granted to form Saginaw Valley College as a private institution. This new college needed funds to purchase land and begin construction. Community leaders stepped forward to demonstrate their commitment to the project. Notably, the Harvey Randall Wickes Foundation and the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation each pledged $1 million to the effort. A few years later, others would throw themselves into a campaign, chaired by William J. Edwards, to raise in excess of $2 million in additional funds, a condition set forth by the state legislature to convert Saginaw Valley College from a private to a public institution. 

This legacy of visionary leadership, dedicated commitment and generous financial contributions has made it possible for well over 50,000 students to achieve their dream of earning a college degree. Donors who believe in the power of education to change lives, build a thriving economy and transform our community have funded programs and supported experiences that extend beyond the SVSU classroom. 

As we celebrate 60 years of success and look to the future, SVSU will continue the vital work of preparing students to succeed and lead in their workplaces and their communities. And the SVSU Foundation will continue the important work of connecting donors to their interests and building program and scholarship funds so more students can achieve their dream of a college education. We hope you’ll join us as our journey unfolds.

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Waheed Akbar
SVSU Foundation Board of Directors

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Ellen E. Crane
Interim Executive Director
SVSU Foundation

1,947 donor-funded scholarsh

4.2M donor-funded scholarships


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