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Student Information & Personal Record

If you're a student whose personal information or record has experienced changes that may need to be addressed by the Office of the Registrar, then please review the following commonly asked questions that may help you in how to best address some of these changes.

Students can change their major or minor by emailing the Office of the Registrar at with their SVSU email account.

Students can change their address by going to their Self-Service or emailing the Office of the Registrar at with their SVSU email account.

In order to officially change a student's name, they must fill out the Student Data Change Form (MFA required) and submit a certified marriage license, divorce decree or a legal name change document to the Office of the Registrar. 

Please contact the Registrar's Office at 989-964-4085 or We will need to make a copy of your new SSN card. 

*Important to note, we cannot accept a copy of the legal document. We have to see the original documentation at the time of the request. Do not email it to us. 

Please call Campus Financial Services Center (CFSC) at (989) 965-4900 or go to Wickes 131 to report a lost student ID card. They will immediately suspend the ID card and a replacement card may be purchased. If students have any further questions, please contact the Campus Financial Services Center

Students can find their student ID number by signing into

Student ID numbers can be found in their Academic Profile. 

Students can apply for residency by downloading and completing a State Residency Application. To understand if they meet the requirements of residency, please refer to the Residency Requirements.

There is a deadline for making applications and the process is not retroactive. The deadline for this application is on the Friday of the first week of classes (Late Registration) at 4:30 p.m. to the Office of the Registrar. If the application is granted, the in-state tuition rate shall be effective starting in the semester it is approved. If the application is received after the deadline and is granted, the in-state tuition will be effective for the following consecutive semester. 

Email and Network Access

University-approved policies for issuing, limiting or disabling Network Usernames (userids), email accounts, and Internet or computer system use are explained through the SVSU Information Technology Services Policies.

Any student who is no longer enrolled to SVSU will lose their access. This is for security reasons. For more information, please see the Student Technology Access Policy

If you are a SVSU Alum and recieved an email from IT stating you are losing your SVSU email, please notify the Alumni Relations Office at

Note - upon graduation, an individual’s SVSU O365 account will transition to an email-only account. An email will continue indefinitely as long as the alumnus continues to make the required annual password change indicating the account is actively being used. Notifications are sent prior to password expiration. If the password is not changed, an additional 30-day notice is sent. At the end of that time, if no response has been made, the account will be terminated and the mailbox and all messages will be removed from the system and not recoverable.  Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will be enforced on all active alumni and retiree email accounts.



Office of the Registrar
Wickes 151
(989) 964-4085