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Re-Admitted Students

You are a re-admit applicant at Saginaw Valley State University if you are a former SVSU student who has been absent for seven or more semesters, have graduated from SVSU, or have been academically dismissed and now desire to re-enroll. Explore the links below to learn about applying as a readmit student.

How to Apply for Re-Admission

When to Apply:

You can apply to Saginaw Valley State University at any point in the year. However, you may apply up to one year before your intended SVSU start term. The chart below can be used as a guide on when to submit your application for readmission.

Entering Semester

Recommended to Apply By*  

Registration Begins

Fall (August)

February 15th

Early April

Winter (January)

October 1st

Early November

Spring (May)

February 1st


Summer (July)

February 1st



Application Submission Instructions:

  1. Complete the online readmission application.
  2. If you attended another college since leaving SVSU, arrange to have an official copy of your transcripts sent to the Office of the Registrar.
  3. Academically dismissed students who wish to re-enroll must first contact the Academic Advisement Center and schedule a meeting to discuss what steps have been taken to resolve the deficiency which led to disqualification. Contact the Academic Advisement Center at 989-964-4286 or

Students academically eligible, grade point average 2.0 or higher, are generally approved for re-admission. The Academic Advisement Center must review all records of students whose GPA is below 2.0 or who have been academically dismissed.

Academically dismissed students may be re-admitted on probation if they have not enrolled for at least two semesters. Please note that Spring and Summer semesters count as a single semester. A personal interview with the Academic Advisement Center is required.


  • Your acceptance is only valid for the semester in which you first applied. If you do not enroll, you must go through the application process again, submitting another application.
  • Re-admitted students are subject to all regulations and requirements of the catalog current at the time of re-enrollment.
  • Upon re-admission to SVSU, the Office of the Registrar will mail you your IT access information. Please check the SVSU website for the dates/times you are eligible to register for classes.
  • Academically dismissed students will be re-admitted on probation. Students on probation must achieve a minimum semester GPA of 2.00 during the first semester in residence at SVSU or be subject to academic dismissal.

For questions regarding re-admission, please contact the Registrar's office at 989-964-4085 or email


Office of Admissions
178 Wickes Hall, 7400 Bay Road, University Center, MI 48710
(989) 964-4200