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Verifications are official documents from Saginaw Valley State University that confirm a student or prior student's educational claims. The documentation verifies that the student attended SVSU, what type of degree they achieved, their major and other identifying information. Verifications are generally requested by colleges, universities, equivalency exams and etc.

Please note that verifications are not the same as transcripts. Verifications do not contain a list of a student or prior student's courses, grades, grade point average and etc. For specific information more pertinent to transcripts, please review SVSU's Office of the Registrar's Transcript page.

We can process verification forms for a wide variety of reasons such as student loan lenders, good student discounts (e.g. insurances), jury duty, unemployment, CPA exams and so on.

Students or prior students can pick up a verification form in-person or they can fill out the Enrollment Certification Form (167KB) m by downloading it.

Verification forms have to be filled out for each semester individually. For example, one form for the fall 20XX semester and one form for the winter 20XX semester.

Verification forms are processed and sent out within one to three business days. 

Yes, we do not have a directory of lenders or business addresses on file. Students must always provide as much information as they can. 

Verify Enrollment


Office of the Registrar
Wickes 151
(989) 964-4085