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University Police Officers

To Protect and Serve

The University Police are a team of professionals working to provide a safe environment in which the mission of the University can be fully realized.

These individuals are service oriented and community policing is an important part of the overall service the department provides. Officers work together with community members to address community problems related to crime, fears associated with crime, and social disorder. 

The University participates in the Saginaw County Mutual Aid Agreement whereby police agencies in Saginaw County utilize a protocol to provide assistance to one another. Participating police departments are able to assist SVSU Police when requested, with criminal investigations, crowd control, short term manpower, and equipment needs.

SVSU police officers are sworn peace officers in the State of Michigan and are responsible for enforcing state and local laws, and University regulations. Crime statistics are reported to the Uniform Crime reporting System of the Michigan State Police.

About Our Officers

The University requires a baccalaureate degree as a condition of employment of a full-time police officer at SVSU. Many of the officers have graduate degrees. All of the sworn officers are certified by the Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and have full arrest powers. The officers receive mandated training in:


Admissions/Confessions Criminal Investigations Planning Response for Aftermath of Major Athletic Events
Alcohol Enforcement Defensive Tactics and P.P.C.T. Radar School
Taser Firearms RAD (Rape Aggression Defense)
Campus Security Act Compliance Leadership Strategies Self Defense
Community Policing Legal Updates  



Police / Parking Services
South Campus Complex A
(989) 964-4141