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Emergency Notifications

The SVSU Police Department is staffed by MCOLES Licensed Police Officers at all times. SVSU participates in a mutual aid agreement with surrounding law enforcement agencies serving to expedite assistance from these agencies should their services be required.‌

In case of an emergency or critical incident, the following are means by which the University Police will communicate with the campus community.

SVSU Campus Alert
Classroom Telephones/Security
Emergency Alert Beacon
University Web Alert Message
Outdoor Emergency Sirens
University Web Site

*The various communication methods discussed depend upon technology and/or electrical power which may not be available in certain situations; therefore, it is imperative that the campus community use word of mouth to communicate information in emergency situations.

In an emergency situation, everyone must be prepared to take whatever actions necessary to protect, not only themselves, but also fellow students or co-workers until the arrival of police officers or emergency personnel.  As such, review the Emergency Procedures Guide for information in responding to certain emergencies.

The safety of the SVSU campus and its learning and work environment is a responsibility that we all share. As such, we ask that all students, staff, faculty and visitors maintain an awareness of the environment around them and contact the University Police Department of any suspicious or questionable situation.

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