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University Police FAQ

What is the jurisdiction of the University Police?
How do I report an emergency or crime?
What is the SVSU Campus Alert System?
Is SVSU a safe campus?
Am I allowed to have a firearm on campus for hunting purposes or protection purposes? Will University Police store a firearm for me?
How does the Police escort system work?
How do I register my valuables with University Police?
What should I do if I have lost or found an item?
What do I do if I lock my keys in my car or my car won't start?
Where can I find campus crime statistics?
How can I obtain a copy of a police report?
Does the department teach any self-defense classes?
Will a police officer speak with my class or organization about campus safety?
How can I become a student employee with University Police?

Contact Us
(989) 964-4141(989) 964-4141
(989) 964-2793

Emergency - 911

From Any Telephone

Parking Services

(989) 964-4140


South Campus Complex A
Corner of Pierce Road & South Campus Entrance Drive
Office Hours
Monday thru Sunday: 7 am - Midnight