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Faculty Qualifications Policy

In order to ensure high quality teaching and learning in its curricula, SVSU Faculty Teaching Qualifications Policy articulates and maintains minimum qualifications for all instructional staff in all credit-bearing classes.  In most cases, a faculty member's academic preparation is the principal consideration in hiring them to teach in a particular discipline or area.  In particular cases, a faculty member may be deemed qualified based on other credentials appropriate for a given course, which may include, licensure/certification, awards and other recognitions, work or teaching experience in the field, and their research record.  A faculty member can be qualified based on a combination of academic and other credentials.

 HLC Clarification on Faculty Qualifications (143KB)

Academic Qualifications Guidelines (220KB)

Faculty & Staff Forms

I. Academic Qualifications
II. Experience-based Qualifications
III. Documentation
IV. Responsibilities


Brian Thomas, Ph.D.
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Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
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