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Bias-Related Incidents

Definition from the Code of Student Conduct 2017-2018

Bias-motivated Offenses: Acts of violence includes, but are not limited to, hostile discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, age, disability, or ethnicity are prohibited. Find out more here.

How to report an incident:

Alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct may be reported by any member of the University community. The report can be initiated through:

  1. Cardinal Care Notes
  2. Student Conduct Programs, 114 Curtiss, 989-964-2220.
  3. University Police, South Campus Complex A, 989-964-4141.
  4. Any member of Residential Life staff.

What happens when after you file a report:

  1. The incident will be investigated, the involed parties will be interviewed, and options will be explored.
  2. A conduct hearing may be held with the offender.
  3. Follow up with all involved parties.

If you feel as if you are a victim of such a crime and would like to talk confidentially, please contact our Student Counseling Center at 989-964-7078 to schedule an appointment with one of our counselors.