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About the Vitito Global Leadership Institute

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Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Vitito have established a fund to provide an accelerated and in-depth leadership development program for Saginaw Valley State University's most promising junior and senior business majors. The goal of the Vitito Global Leadership Institute (VGLI) is to foster a deep understanding of the importance of leadership in a global context, and understand its role in transforming organizations and communities. Through a two-year program of coursework, fieldwork, an international travel experience, and a community engagement project, Vitito Fellows acquire the integrated knowledge, skills, perspectives, and experiences that can only be found in a premier leadership development program.

Vitito Fellows will complete specified coursework and supervised international travel to add a concentrated focus on leadership to their undergraduate studies. Vitito Fellows will engage in field experiences with regional business and community leaders, including a capstone project with an external organization that may include strategic planning, fundraising, program sustainability and other issues. Fellows may also meet periodically for informal seminars or discussions with business or civic leaders.

As a Vitito Fellow, you will develop the knowledge, skills and perspectives that are the hallmark of great leaders. You will experience:

  • Selected upper-division leadership courses, with your Vitito peers including “Accelerated Leadership Laboratory,” a course and lab blending leadership research with practical application
  • Regional and statewide field trips offering the opportunity to meet successful leaders of business and non-profit organizations
  • Regular meetings, co-curricular activities, and quality time with your peers and mentoring with Scott L. Carmona College of Business endowed chairs, faculty members and regional business leaders
  • A generous travel stipend for a faculty-led international travel experience that includes meetings with global leaders
  • The opportunity to practice your leadership craft by helping external clients

VGLI Portugal 2016 Group Picture

Coursework Requirements

In addition to co-curricular activities, global experiential travel and a community engagement project associated with the Vitito Fellows Program, students are expected to complete the requirements for the degree of  Bachelor of Business Administration or Bachelor of Professional Accountancy with a major in any business program (occasionally, exceptions for the BBA/BPA degree requirement may be made for students with exceptional leadership ability who are Vitito Fellows and have a minor in business), and the following course requirements:

BL 481  Business Leadership Foundations (VFP) - WINTER SEMESTER (FIRST SEMESTER)
The course explores how organizations create, deliver, and capture value. Emphasis is placed on the different functional teams and the role leadership plays in multi-functional value creation.
Prerequisite:  Admission to Vitito Fellows Program.
Credits: 3 cr

This course provides a framework to learn, discuss, and apply leadership principles and practices in the value creation process. It provides students with tools and strategies to utilize their strengths to effectively lead teams in a dynamic environment.
Prerequisite:  BL 481.
Credits: 1 cr

The primary goal of the course is to explore the similarities and differences in the leadership of the value creation process in cross-national contexts. The course includes a field study abroad with pre-departure preparation, post-travel debriefing, and critical reflection.
Prerequisite:  BL 482.
Credits: 3 cr


Scott L. Carmona College of Business
Saginaw Valley State University

CCB 302
7400 Bay Road
University Center, MI 48710
(989) 964-4064

Jayati Ghosh

Amy Hendrickson
Acting Assistant Dean