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Vitito Global Leadership Institute Program Highlights

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International Travel Experience

Each Vitito cohort takes a trip abroad for one week over their last semester of the program. Past destinations include Prague, Hungary, and Portugal.

Hungary 2015 Group Picture
Portugal 2016 Group Picture
Prague 2014 Group Picture
Hungary 2015 Group Picture
Prague 2014 Group Picture
Hungary 2015 Group Picture
Prague 2014 Group Picture


The first semester for each cohort is dedicated to a team-building leadership project, often with other classes across the University to bring multiple disciplines together, working together, solving problems together. In the past, the Vitito cohorts have participated in:

  • dedication of a mural was a leadership exercise to devise and implement a social initiative. The initiative aimed to reduce the number of germs exchanged during a handshake, by instead using a “fist bump.” The project in 2015 brought together students from the Vitito cohort and a sociology class which highlighted the results of the experiment.

  • The B.A.T.S. Project brings together Business, Art, Theatre, and Sociology students to address issues in the community. In 2016, the project explored ways to address six different topics (health, employment, community engagement, education, civic engagement, and transportation) as they relate to the revitalization of Saginaw. A collaborative effort between SVSU, United Way of Saginaw County and First Ward Community Services, the event culminated with a Ban The Hand created by SVSU Art students to First Ward.
BATS 2016 BATS 2016
BATS 2016 BATS 2016


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