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Vitito Fellows Program Oversight Committee

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The Vitito Fellows Program oversight is conducted by a college-wide committee and each academic department within the Scott L. Carmona College of Business maintains representation in addition to the Dean and Dean's designee. 

A portrait of Stacie L. Krupp

Stacie L. Krupp

Associate Professor of Accounting

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Prashanth Anekal

Associate Professor of Management

Amy Hendrickson

Amy L. Hendrickson

Associate Professor of Law

This is a photo of Kylie Jaber, Associate Professor of Economics

Kylie M. Jaber

Associate Professor of Economics

Joseph Ofori-Dankwa

Joseph Ofori-Dankwa

Harvey Randall Wickes Endowed Professor

This is a photo of Chatdanai Pongpatipat, Assistant Professor of Economics

Chatdanai Pongpatipat

Associate Professor of Marketing

Zachary Cohle

Zachary Cohle

Assistant Professor of Economics


Scott L. Carmona College of Business
Saginaw Valley State University

CCB 302
7400 Bay Road
University Center, MI 48710
(989) 964-4064

Jayati Ghosh

Amy Hendrickson
Acting Assistant Dean