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Program Requirements for the Garber Cardinal Business Edge Program

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CBE Chicago

The program is comprised of three one-credit courses, taken over three consecutive semesters beginning in the winter semester of the freshman year and a capstone field trip to a major US city in the winter semester of the sophomore year.

BL 181 Leadership Explorations (GCBE) - WINTER SEMESTER (FRESHMAN YEAR)
This course focuses on identifying and developing an individual's leadership knowledge and skills. It provides students with foundational tools to utilize their strengths to effectively lead student teams and ultimately to lead in a dynamic business environment.
Credits: 1 cr

BL 182 Business Skills Development (GCBE) - FALL SEMESTER (SOPHOMORE YEAR)
This course focuses on the value creation process, how organizations add value to their customers, shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders. It emphasizes the development of key business skills and perspectives that are helpful in career selection, development and advancement. The course also focuses on methods, tools and disciplines that enhance personal efficiency and effectiveness.
Credits: 1 cr

BL 281 Leadership Laboratory (GCBE) - WINTER SEMESTER (SOPHOMORE YEAR)
This course focuses on continued development of leadership skills. It provides students with an opportunity to observe and describe leaders in action as a means of blending leadership theory and practice.
Credits: 1 cr

Capstone Field Trip to Major US City - WINTER SEMESTER (SOPHOMORE YEAR)
The field trip experience provides students with the opportunity to see the leadership theories and practices that they have explored during the program applied in a variety of authentic settings. It includes tours of business facilities and conversations with business leaders about various aspects of their firms and industries such as the history, mission, vision, strategy, career opportunities, how they recruit and develop talent, and what they look for in new recruits.

The other major aspect of the experience is the social and cultural activities including guided tours of the city, visits to cultural landmarks such as museums and historical sites, and attending a sporting and entertainment event. This aspect of the field trip allows students to experience some of the settings in which business leaders socialize and get a feel for life in a metropolitan center. These features, together with the intensive and concentrated nature of the trip, enhances the group atmosphere and the identity of the GCBE student cohort. They also provide students with the supporting environment in which they can engage cognitively and be challenged intellectually as they explore areas of personal interest and have conversations with each other, and academic and business leaders. Many students emerge from the experience with a more nuanced view of the business world and the opportunities available in business administration. This field trip is greatly discounted for students due to the generosity of Mr. Richard (Dick) Garber.


Scott L. Carmona College of Business
Saginaw Valley State University

CCB 302
7400 Bay Road
University Center, MI 48710
(989) 964-4064

Jayati Ghosh

Amy Hendrickson
Acting Assistant Dean