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Department of Economics

SVSU's economics degree empowers students to defy expectations and encourage exploration that defies borders. With a dedicated faculty and exceptional business networks - built in part by exceptional alumni now helping their alma mater's students - students studying economics begin college with an immediate advantage. Faculty focus on quality teaching and training students to participate in data-driven, hands-on research projects sure to catch the eye of postgraduate admissions representatives and employers alike.

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Student Opportunities

Students enrolled in economics soar beyond the confines of campus during Study Abroad opportunities in countries including India, China and nations across Africa and Europe. Those trips abroad also involve attending international conferences, where students have been invited to present on research pursued in the economics program.

On campus students gain access to business fraternities, honor societies and professional associations that start connecting them to potential employers and contacts before they graduate. 

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Q&A with Zachary Cohle - 

Why did you choose SVSU?

"The faculty and students are a cut above the rest at SVSU."


Scott L. Carmona College of Business
Saginaw Valley State University

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Jayati Ghosh

Amy Hendrickson
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