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Facilities Use Policy 3.1-1


Business & Financial Management
Authorizing Body:
Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs – VP-ABA
Responsible Department:
Conference Center
Applies To:
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Saginaw Valley State University’s institutional facilities and other resources exist to further support and advance the University’s mission. 

This policy provides the University community and guests with requirements and procedures regarding scheduling and utilization of facilities for events and other activities including priorities for facilities usage.  This policy does not govern the scheduling of academic courses in academic space, as that is the responsibility of the Office of Academic Affairs. 

The Conference Center at SVSU (TCC) is responsible for the administration and oversight of events on campus.  This coordination and scheduling of institutional facilities and other resources ensure services are provided in accordance with SVSU’s quality standards, limits overhead expenses, facilitates the efficient scheduling of designated space and seeks to safeguard the health and well-being of the participants.

All SVSU activities/events must comply with the insurance procedures and other risk management protocols outlined below prior to scheduling or promotion to determine if additional insurance requirements or waivers are required. Events held involving minors must comply with the Minors on Campus 9.1-1 policy.  

The University may establish blackout dates for all University facilities and other resources.  These blackout dates will be noted in the 25Live Events Scheduling System.  Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Holiday closures
  • Post-Commencement dates
  • Homecoming
  • Student Orientations

The Conference Center at SVSU (TCC) is responsible for the designation of non-academic space for scheduled events.  TCC may relocate functions from an originally scheduled location should subsequent circumstances so warrant. The University reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any function at its discretion. 

Academic, Athletic Facilities and Student Services Spaces

  • Academic space for non-academic events is available for scheduling through TCC after the course schedule has been approved by the Office of Academic Affairs.
  • Intercollegiate Athletic games and practices are scheduled by Intercollegiate Athletics.
  • Priority in scheduling in the Athletic Complex is granted to Intercollegiate Athletics subject to guidelines outlined in the attached Exhibit A.
  • The Office of Student Life schedules events within their designated areas including the Student Center. Utilization of the Student Center is subject to scheduling priorities established by said office.

Any exceptions to this policy require the approval of the Executive Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs.

All events utilizing a University facility including performances, conferences, athletic competitions, youth camps, etc. must be scheduled in 25-Live Events Scheduling System.

All services requested (room set-up, audiovisual, catering services, etc.) and information regarding the event (speakers, meeting details, etc.) is required when space is scheduled.  The information must be updated when additional details are available.

Insurance Requirements
All activities/events on campus that include attendees other than SVSU employees or students must comply with SVSU insurance requirements.  Faculty, staff or students holding activities/events must contact Business Services prior to the event planning or at a minimum 30 days before the event takes place to determine if the event/activity is covered by university insurance, requires additional University insurance or a certificate of insurance from another source.

Individuals or organizations hired as “contractors” requires a signed contract and a certificate of insurance.  Refer to the Purchasing Policy 5.2-1 and the Insurance Policy Requirements for Contractors and Service Providers on the Premises of SVSU 5.2-7 for additional definitions, guidelines and required procedures.

Camps or clinics held on campus require a consent/release form.  The form must be approved in advance by the Office of General Counsel.  Sponsoring Departments must retain the release forms for a minimum of three years.  Any records/documents of programming involving minors must be retained for six-months past the program participants’ age of majority.  Contact Business Services or the General Counsel’s office with questions regarding records and the retention requirements.

Rental Fees
Registered events requiring space rental are classified as either, SVSU Internal, SVSU University-Sponsored, SVSU Grant-funded, or an External Activity/Event.  Rental fees for facility usage are determined by these classifications.  Other fees will be assessed if the event requires additional services performed by The Conference Center at SVSU such as refreshments, additional room set-up, audio-visual support, security, etc.  Please refer to the event definitions below.

  • SVSU Internal Activity/Event - exempt from paying space rental fees, however, subject to other services fees if applicable.
  • SVSU University-Sponsored Activity/Event - discounted 50% for space rental fees.
  • SVSU University-Sponsored Grant-Funded Activity/Event – discounted 50% for space rental fees.
  • Intercollegiate Athletics Operational Fundraising Event in Athletic Complex - discounted 75% for space rental fees.
  • External Activity/Event – non-exempt from space rental fees.

Centralized Ticketing & Registration Services
The SVSU Box Office provides centralized ticketing services for all programs and activities held on campus.  All internal events requiring a ticket for admission are required to use the Box Office. 

A Box Office service charge will apply to all tickets. 

The sponsoring department or external organization is responsible for setting the ticket price inclusive of the service charge. The service charge is retained by the Box Office to offset operating costs.

The SVSU Box Office is the exclusive campus ticket seller.

Failure to adhere to these policies and procedures may result in disciplinary action up to and including removal of scheduling privileges or termination of employment. 


University Community – Saginaw Valley State University faculty, staff and/or students.

University Facility - any Saginaw Valley State University building on or off-campus, structure or area, including but not limited to academic buildings, library, administrative buildings, residence halls, outdoor spaces, parking lots, recreational/athletic fields or facilities.

SVSU Internal Activity/Event – a meeting or other function coordinated by University Community members (faculty, staff and/or students) for University members (faculty, staff and/or students).

SVSU University-Sponsored Activity/Event – a meeting or other function coordinated by members of the University Community and maybe in conjunction with a non-SVSU organization. Participants attending these events are University community members and may include members of a non-SVSU organization or the community.

SVSU University Sponsored Grant-Funded Activity/Event - a meeting or other function coordinated by University members (faculty, staff or students) funded by SVSU grant monies received by the University.

Intercollegiate Athletics-Operational Fundraising Event – a camp, clinic or athletic competition coordinated and staffed by Intercollegiate Athletics for the purpose of operational fundraising held in the Athletic Complex.

External Activity/Event - Non-University activity/event hosted by a non-profit organization, commercial or private party.


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