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Check Requisitions 5.2-10


Business & Financial Management
Authorizing Body:
Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs – VP-ABA
Responsible Department:
Controller's Office
Applies To:
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Check requisitions are appropriate for the following types of expenditure transactions:

  1. Reimbursement to an employee for a purchase when a purchase order is not required.
  2. Advance payments to vendors as approved by the Director of Purchasing.
  3. Reimbursement of authorized expenses for individuals being considered for employment at the University.
  4. Checks also may be requisitioned for payment of the following items:
    • Internship agreements
    • Honorariums upon approval of Director of Staff Relations
    • Advance payment for conference-related expenses such as conference fees and hotel accommodations
    • Approved memberships


  1. Requisitions should be carefully and completely filled out, including name of payee, account number(s) to be charged, reason for request, appropriate signatures and instructions regarding mailing of the check. Payment will be made only from the original requisition which contains original signatures. Facsimile signatures, signatures initialed by subordinates and photocopied forms will not be honored for payment.
  2. Documentation is required for all requisitions. This is consistent with sound business practice and audit requirements. Documentation normally required would be original receipts, statements, correspondence or contracts. (Photocopies are not original documents.) Any unusual circumstances may be discussed with the Controller's Office. It is understood that documentation that is part of a record that should be retained as office records can be copied and submitted for payment. (In this case, it is a requirement that the copy be signed by the account manager/supervisor in ink.)
  3. The requisitions are multiple-part forms which allow you to retain the goldenrod copy for your records. When payment has been made on your requisition, the pink copy will be returned to the department indicating the check number and date of payment. This service should inform you as to the status of your requisitions and allow more accurate reconciliation of the monthly management reports.
  4. Supplies of this form may be ordered through Central Stores.
  5. It is understood that on some occasions an employee is required to purchase incidental supplies which require the employee to personally make payment. The University petty cash fund should only be used for transactions of an infrequent and extraordinary nature. (Magazine subscriptions and book purchases require a purchase order.) The maximum amount reimbursable by petty cash is $25. Petty cash reimbursement forms are available from the Cashier's Office.