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Photocopying - Personal Use 5.3-2


Business & Financial Management
Authorizing Body:
Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs – VP-ABA
Responsible Department:
Business Services
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The University recognizes that circumstances exist whereby faculty and staff members desire to use institutional photocopying equipment for personal use. Personal use of photocopying equipment should not result in the absorbing of costs by the University. Photocopying of a personal nature should also be limited to amounts and times which do not interfere with business related use of photocopying equipment.


  1. Individuals who desire to use a University photocopy machine for personal use should obtain Business Affairs Form 380-1-82. This form can be obtained from a department chairperson, office administrator or Central Stores.
  2. Individuals are then responsible to record the number of copies made for personal use and the corresponding dates.
  3. The form should then be submitted at least twice a year (by June 30 and December 31) to the Cashier's Office with a remittance for the amount due the University. The amount charged per copy is subject to periodic change.
  4. The individual's departmental account which was initially charged when the copies were made will be credited for the amount of that charge.