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Petty Cash Fund 5.2-12


Business & Financial Management
Authorizing Body:
Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs – VP-ABA
Responsible Department:
Controller's Office
Applies To:
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The Petty Cash Fund provides employees the ability to purchase incidental supplies which require immediate payment. The University petty cash fund should only be used for transactions of an infrequent and extraordinary nature. The fund should not be used as a method to bypass the University's Accounts Payable and Purchasing systems.

Procedures for Obtaining Reimbursement
The person receiving the cash must completely fill in the top portion of the Petty Cash Form (475KB) and have it approved by the account manager or supervisor of the account to be charged. The person approving the form cannot also be the person receiving the cash. All receipts (originals only) must be taped to the form. Do not overlap receipts and avoid taping on receipt wording where possible. Additional blank sheets may be used if necessary. Forms are to be submitted to the Campus Financial Services Center for reimbursement.

The maximum daily reimbursement is $25.00.

Acceptable Receipts

  • Original Receipts
  • Original Canceled Checks (must be accompanied by order detail from vendor)
  • Original Credit Card Statements (must be accompanied by order detail from vendor)
  • Original Invoices – stamped PAID

Unacceptable Receipts

  • Photocopies of receipts
  • Original documents not showing an amount of payment (ex. confirmations, invoices)

Un-allowed Expenses
Petty cash cannot be used for the following types of transactions:

  • Expense items such as meals, lodging, air travel tickets, car rentals or conference registration fees related to University travel
  • Contracts, rental and lease agreements
  • Transactions related to construction projects or repairs/maintenance
  • Contracted services of any type
  • Partial or deposit payments
  • Gift cards/certificates