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Travel Policy and Regulations 2.3-1


Business & Financial Management
Authorizing Body:
Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs – VP-ABA
Responsible Department:
Controller's Office
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This statement of policy on reimbursement for travel expenditures covers major points but probably will not answer all of the questions which arise in connection with business travel and off-campus professional development activities. Elaboration of this policy will not be necessary as long as its spirit is understood and accepted. In general, it is the intent to reimburse all necessary job-related expenditures by University travelers who make it clear that they are being frugal with tax dollars. It is understandable that more luxurious meals, accommodations and transportation may sometimes be preferred to the moderately-priced expenditures which are appropriate for business travel. In these cases, the traveler may accommodate both personal preference and University policy by submitting receipts for actual expenditures while claiming smaller amounts.

SVSU will reimburse you for actual reasonable business expenses while traveling for the University, based upon the following regulations, unless there is a maximum allowance or a reimbursement limit established by the department. If an expense is not allowable or is not properly documented, it will be subtracted from your Expense Claim.


Receipts are required for any meal exceeding $5.50, including tips. Reimbursement will be based upon actual reasonable costs, including tips not exceeding 20%, but not in excess of the individual meal limits as stated in Schedule A below. To claim the cost of the meals, you must be traveling on University business as follows: Breakfast, prior to 7:00 a.m.; Lunch, away from the campus between 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. (the University will not reimburse meals eaten locally where only University employees are involved); Dinner, arrive back after 7:00 p.m.

A standard daily meal allowance option may be utilized if you are traveling on University business and are away from the campus for periods of 24 hours or more. Receipts are required. This option is subject to departmental guidelines and budgetary constraints. Approved maximum individual meal rates may be exceeded; however, the total daily meal expenditures for the travel period may not be in excess of the maximum amount allowable.

If you are entertaining a University guest, the costs should be included under "Entertainment." In addition, the name of the guest, his or her position, the nature of the business discussed and others in attendance must be indicated on the Expense Claim. Prior approval regarding entertainment by the appropriate member of the President’s Staff is advisable; otherwise, University funding may be denied. The number of University staff members in attendance should be kept limited. For University-sponsored off-campus events for staff, such as in-service training and workshops, the cost of meals for the participants may be charged to a University account provided there are adequate funds in that account and the event and the meal charges have been approved in advance by the appropriate member of the President’s Staff.


Attach the original hotel or motel bill to your Expense Claim. You will be reimbursed as follows:

  1. If you occupy a single room, actual reasonable room charges will be paid.
  2. If you share a room with one or more persons who will be reimbursed for their lodging, you will receive your proportionate share of the room cost.
  3. If you share a room with one or more persons who are not eligible for reimbursement (e.g., members of your family), you will receive the single room rate provided this rate is indicated by the hotel or motel. If the single room rate does not show on the bill, you will receive 80% of the rate for a double room or 70% of the rate for a room occupied by three or more persons. (Request the hotel or motel when registering to indicate the single rate separately if this information is needed.)

Conference Fees

A receipt or a copy of the program indicating the registration and other conference costs is required.

Other Expenses

Other reasonable expenses which are necessary and are incurred in the conduct of University business will be reimbursed. The following expenses are reimbursed by the University:

  1. Taxi and Limousine – Limousine service or other public transportation should be used when available.
  2. Parking – Receipt required if non-metered lot and cost is more than $1.50 per day.
  3. Tolls – Receipt desirable if over $1.00.
  4. Telephone and Telegrams for University Business – It is necessary to indicate on the voucher the person called and the nature of business.
  5. Personal Telephone and Telegrams – Reimbursed only if trip exceeds six days and limited to one reimbursement for each subsequent seven-day period, $5.00 maximum.
  6. Tips for Baggage Handling – Maximum of $2.00 per day for first and last day only.


  1. Personal Vehicle – Travel by private automobile will be reimbursed at the established University rate of $.60 (as of 7/01/22) per mile (supported by a google map or similar map) and for reasonable vicinity mileage. If an individual travels to a city of less than approximately 50,000 population, in addition to map mileage, he/she may claim up to 15 miles per day for vicinity mileage – 25 miles per day if the city is over 50,000 population (documented reasons for excess vicinity mileage may be allowed). Mileage reimbursement may not exceed the cost of round-trip economy airfare and airport limousine. Travelers using more than one car where one would be sufficient will receive a proportionate share of the reimbursement for one car.
  2. Common Carrier – Receipts are required. Travel by plane, train or bus will be reimbursed at the coach or other than first-class round-trip fare. Economy fares and specials based upon early scheduling should be investigated and utilized whenever possible.
  3. Motor Pool Vehicles – Motor pool vehicles should be used whenever available. The cost of a motor pool vehicle is charged automatically to the department. However, if it is necessary for you to pay for gas, oil or other maintenance costs, you will be reimbursed at actual cost. Receipts are required. To request reimbursement, contact the Motor Pool Office for instructions.
  4. Car Rental – Car rental is expensive and should be used only when other means of transportation, such as limousines or other similar services, are not available. Considerable savings can result by using the smallest possible model of car to fulfill your needs.

Policy Exceptions

  1. The President is authorized to approve exceptions to this policy.
  2. Upon review, exceptions to the meal rates may be approved by the appropriate member of the President’s Staff.
  3. Exceptions to reimbursement for vicinity mileage may be recommended to the President by the appropriate member of the President’s Staff.
  4. Provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the University and the Faculty Association which are in conflict with this policy will supersede this policy. Faculty traveling in an administrative capacity will be reimbursed at mileage rates as stated in this policy.

Schedule A:   Individual Meal Limits

  Maximum Meal Amount
Breakfast $  10.00
Lunch 15.00
Dinner  25.00
Daily Total