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Agency Account Policy 5.4-2


Business & Financial Management
Authorizing Body:
President - PRES
Responsible Department:
Controller's Office
Applies To:
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Adopted Date:
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The agency account provides for:

  1. A custodial relationship between the University and "the organization."
  2. Use of specified University services.

An account may be requested by various student groups that have been recognized by the SVSU Student Association. Faculty and administrative staff may also request an agency account for professional organizations of which they are a member provided this membership has some relationship to their duties at the institution. Other University-related organizations are eligible for an agency account.


Upon approval of an agency account, the organization will be allowed to use the following University facilities and/or resources as authorized by the University. The expenditure and service categories to be provided or considered for authorization are:

  1. Telephone Instrument/Installation.
  2. Telephone Long Distance.
  3. Graphics Center (subject to Graphics Center Policy).
  4. Convenience Copies (copy machines).
  5. Central Stores.
  6. Postage.
  7. Food Service.
  8. Office or other space for organization activities at predetermined rental rates, if applicable.
  9. Other University facilities, as approved.
  10. Deposit of organization funds.
  11. Disbursement of funds through University systems.
  12. Agency account management reports.
  13. Purchasing (the services of the Purchasing Department may only be requested for the purchase of equipment of which title will pass to the University).


  1. An organization desiring the use of an agency account will make application for such an account by filling out a "Request For Agency Account," Business Affairs Form #385-8-8-4. This form may be obtained from the Office of the Controller upon request.
  2. The completed form, will be returned to the Office of the Controller for review.
  3. Only those services which are requested and approved on the application form will be provided to the organization. Charges will be made directly to the organization's account.
  4. Management reports detailing account revenues and expenditures will be distributed monthly to account managers. This will act as notification of billing and the organization is expected to remit the appropriate payment to the University.
  5. The University may require the organization to make deposits, in advance, prior to the authorization of expenditures.