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Commercial Use of SVSU Property 5.2-6


Facilities & Property
Authorizing Body:
Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs – VP-ABA
Responsible Department:
Admin. & Business Affairs
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Background & Explanation

SVSU's campus and other properties were acquired and are maintained in order to provide instruction, research and community services. It is recognized that occasionally other persons or organizations may desire to utilize campus properties for some form of commercial venture and/or publicity involving their products or services. Generally, this may involve taking pictures, video, holding meetings, etc.

The University is appropriately concerned about maintaining the use of the campus in a manner which is not disruptive of its primary purposes. It is further concerned that an appropriate image be maintained pertaining to the campus and the University. For these reasons, the University retains sole discretion in determining for what purposes the campus can be utilized.


In order that University properties, both inside and outside of buildings, are best utilized for their objectives of providing education, research and appropriate community services, the University retains unto itself the sole discretion of determining to what other commercial purposes the campus environment may be utilized. The Executive Vice President for Administration and Business Affairs is responsible for that determination. In general, individuals interested in utilizing the campus environment should contact the Conference Center at SVSU. In certain cases, the Conference Center may involve other University offices if a specialized area is involved. The person or organization wishing to use University facilities is responsible, after initial discussion, for submitting a Commercial Use Form - SVSU (41KB) which is to include all details and requirements in order for the proposal to be considered. The proposal will be submitted to the Executive Vice President for Administration and Business Affairs or his designee who will make the final determination. In those cases where authorization is granted to a person or organization for use of University property, the Executive Vice President for Administration and Business Affairs may assess a usage fee considering the nature of labor and services required to be provided by SVSU and in recognition of the value of the use of SVSU facilities.