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Non-profit Board Participation - Insurance Liability 4.4-2


Business & Financial Management
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Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs – VP-ABA
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Business Services
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Saginaw Valley State University encourages its faculty, employees and students to get involved in the community through participation in non-profit organizations and charities.

Unfortunately, liability is a frequent issue in the area of service as an organization board member or volunteer. Participation as a board member or volunteer may result in personal liability for claims filed against an organization.

The University and its insurance carriers are not responsible for any liability incurred by faculty, employees or students as a result of service to an outside organization and does not indemnify faculty, employees or students for any such liability. The decision to serve on an outside organization's board of directors or to volunteer for any outside organization is a personal choice and is not included in, or a requirement of, employment or enrollment with the University. You may wish to check with any organizations in which you are involved regarding their indemnification policies and insurance provisions for directors and volunteers.

A personal umbrella policy, which is available through the insurance agent who handles your homeowners policy, may provide coverage in some cases. Consequently, you may wish to discuss coverage included in a personal umbrella policy with your personal insurance agent.

If you should have additional questions or comments on the issues raised in this policy, please contact the Executive Vice President for Administration and Business Affairs at (989) 964-4045.