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Admitted to SVSU? To ensure you receive the optimal financial aid package, complete your 2024-25 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). We've compiled some helpful tips and recommendations to assist you in the successful submission of your FAFSA. 


Explore the wide range of scholarships offered to Saginaw Valley State University students. Scholarships are a type of financial aid that does not have to be repaid. To be considered for an Academic, SVSU Donor-Funded scholarship or the SV Red & White Award, students must be admitted to the university and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. For those also applying for an SVSU Donor-Funded scholarship, they must also complete the Scholarship Application.


You have strong ambitions. You’re passionate about an area of study, motivated to see yourself soar, and excited about what the future holds. You picture yourself leading or influencing others, making an impact in your chosen career. Earning a degree maps out that path, bridging where you stand now and your future. Yet, no matter if you’re applying as a first-time freshman or considering graduate school, two factors cause you some hesitancy—paying for your education and the risks associated with debt.

Saginaw Valley State University understands your perspective. We seek to guide you on this new, life-changing endeavor with robust scholarship opportunities. What does this look like for you? We’re committed to your success and value all you bring to campus. Reflecting our mission, 25 percent of our students graduate with no debt, and 90 percent of our student body receives a scholarship or another form of financial aid outside of loans.

However you’re getting here and whatever your background, we have thousands of scholarships available designed to support you as you work toward completing your degree. Explore all types, and learn about how to apply.

What is a Scholarship?

Your financial aid package typically includes multiple forms of assistance, including grants, loans, work-study, and scholarships. Of these types, a scholarship is an award that doesn’t require repayment. Funds can go toward your tuition, as well as books, room and board, and other educational expenses.

At SVSU, scholarships start from $1,500 and can cover the full cost of your tuition. Awards acknowledge your academic, athletic, or other achievements; may be based on your location or financial need; or take into account your status, be it applying as a first-year, transfer, international, or graduate student.

Our awards are divided into two distinct categories. General academic scholarships use the information entered for your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), while donor-funded scholarships require you to file a separate document. As SVSU may award multiple scholarships, you’re encouraged to apply for all awards you may be qualified for.

Review our FAQs to learn more about types and applying to scholarship programs.

Types of Scholarships Available

Learn more about the types of scholarships SVSU extends to undergraduate and graduate students:

Academic Scholarships

This merit scholarship takes note of what you’ve achieved already, examining your high school or college GPA to uplift you in your pursuit of a degree at SVSU. Eligible students receive one academic scholarship.  If living on campus, you may also receive the Valley Housing scholarship. If you continue to meet all criteria, awards are renewed for up to four years for your first degree.

Donor-Funded Scholarships

You may be eligible for a broad swath of awards that take into account your leadership potential, athletic skills, involvement in community organizations, or extracurricular achievements. After you complete the online scholarship application, your responses and qualifications will determine your eligibility for certain scholarship programs.

Only one application is needed for consideration. However, you may be contacted to provide responses to additional questions for select programs.

Scholarships for Transfer Students

Up to one-third of all college students decide to transfer at some point. Perhaps you’re looking for an environment where you can thrive and feel empowered, or you started your journey at a community or junior college.

SVSU embraces your aspirations and wants you to feel welcome in our community. In turn, we help foster your success here by offering various donor-funded scholarships specifically geared toward transfer students. Awards may be based on your intended major or from where you’re transferring.

Out-of-State Student Scholarships

You seek to look beyond, exploring and learning from the world as you do. SVSU not only encourages your persistent spirit, but we support it with our Red & White Award. For both undergraduate students, this academic merit scholarship lets you attend here as an out-of-state resident at a reduced rate.

State of Michigan Aid

The Office of Postsecondary Financial Planning presents awards to Michigan residents based on where they’re located, including county, city, or region, in addition to providing financial aid information resources. Explore additional awards for which you may be eligible as an in-state resident.

Scholarships for International Students

SVSU welcomes students from all corners of the world looking to grow and enrich their minds in a graduate or undergraduate course of study. If you see yourself reaching new heights at our campus, SVSU helps aid your education through select scholarships for international students.

SVSU Cardinal Commitment Award

Open to first-time incoming students living in Michigan, this financial aid package shepherds your success here through four years of free tuition. See if you qualify for our award.

More Scholarship Opportunities

Your passion and commitment are unwavering. In helping you explore all scholarship resources, we have compiled a list of additional opportunities outside of SVSU, including Fastweb and options for graduate and veteran students.

As all require a separate application, we recommend researching all programs in advance and allocating time before each deadline to compile materials and complete all necessary paperwork.


How to Apply for Scholarships

In nurturing the potential of each student, we recommend applying as soon as possible for multiple awards. Additionally, you’re advised to speak with your guidance counselor about outside local and national scholarship programs that will contribute toward your tuition and other expenses.

Understand the process as you complete your application and financial aid information:

For General Academic Scholarships

We automatically evaluate all students who submit a FAFSA for academic scholarships and grants. To be eligible for these opportunities, complete the FAFSA by the deadline to submit your application.

We base decisions for academic scholarships on your cumulative GPA—not SAT or ACT score. In turn, you can apply for these awards before your scores are posted. As well, you have the option of submitting additional information reflective of your academic performance at any time to increase your chances for receiving a particular award.

For Donor-Funded Scholarships

Each student applying to SVSU is a unique individual, with specific talents or skills that we seek to celebrate. Reflecting the diversity on campus are over 1,000 donor-funded scholarships designed to acknowledge your merit, athletic prowess, or other specific qualities.

Those interested in applying for one of these programs must complete our online scholarship application, which opens on November 1 for the upcoming academic year. Completion ensures you’re evaluated for all awards for which you qualify.

Donor-funded scholarships may not renew on a yearly basis, or you may qualify for another award at a later date. To receive future donor-funded scholarships, you’re encouraged to submit an online application each year.

Receiving Your Award

How do you know if you’re a recipient of a particular award? Your financial aid award offer will list all scholarships SVSU is extending for that academic year. For scholarships granted outside of SVSU, you will typically receive a letter or email.

To confirm and officially apply your scholarship(s) toward your tuition, first review your award letter, and then go online to accept or reject your financial aid package.


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