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Donor-Funded Scholarships

Complete ONE online form... and students will be considered for all SVSU's donor-funded scholarships they qualify for, based upon their responses to the questions. Students may be asked additional questions to qualify for other scholarships. Scholarships can be awarded based on a number of criteria, including students’ community service, essay responses and financial need (based on information from FAFSA). 

Donor-Funded Scholarship FAQ

Q. How do I log in?
A. Use your SVSU username and password. 

Q. If questions aren't required, can I skip them or leave them blank?
A. Yes, if a question does not apply to you, you may skip it. Please read all questions carefully to see if they apply to you, and provide as much information as you can for "optional" questions. For example, optional questions like listing your Awards & Achievements, Volunteer Service, and Extracurricular Activities may be deciding factors in receiving particular scholarships!  Leaving out your achievements in these areas could remove you from being considered for scholarships in which these are the criteria that would match you to a specific scholarship.

Q. What do the three letters stand for in front of all the majors and minors?
A. They are abbreviations for the academic colleges. There are five academic colleges at SVSU (ABS=Arts & Behavioral Sciences; CCB=Carmona College of Business; COE=College of Education; HHS=Health & Human Services; SET=Science, Engineering & Technology). The final category you'll see on the list is PPP=Pre-Professional Programs. This includes majors like Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Medicine, etc.

Q. Why is an essay required? How long does it have to be?
A. When you apply, you will be considered for a number of scholarships based on your personal credentials (like your GPA, major, financial need, etc.). For these scholarships, the essay you complete on this form will be the only personalized communication the selection committee will receive from you. There is no minimum length, but please put your best effort into explaining why you are a good choice for a scholarship and include things like your personal achievements, hardships, goals, and any other information you feel someone choosing scholarship recipients should know about you. You can cut and paste from another source, or type it directly into the form.

Q. Can I save my application and come back later?
A. Yes!  Just click "Save and Keep Editing".  Even after you click "Finish and Continue", you may still make updates to your application before the scholarship deadline.


Q. How does the reference request system work?
A. You will not be asked for letters of recommendation on the General Application. Some specific scholarships for which you may qualify will ask for the letter(s). You will type in the reference's name and e-mail address in an online form, and an e-mail will be sent to that person asking for a recommendation. You won't see the letter they turn in, but you'll be able to see if they submit the recommendation by clicking on the "Manage References" button on your "Home" link.  You can even click a link to send them a reminder if they don't send in their letter!     

Q. I have a hard copy letter of recommendation. How do I submit it?
A. Hard copies will not be accepted. So we suggest you let your reference know he or she will be receiving an e-mail request via the online system to provide it electronically. If you cannot reach them or they are unable to provide an electronic file, scan the hard copy letter and send the reference request to yourself, which will provide you the link to upload it. We strongly recommend having your reference submit the letter themselves where possible.

Q. The General Application doesn't ask for my e-mail address!  How will the University communicate with me?
A:  All scholarship communications will be directed to your SVSU e-mail address ONLY.  When you are logged in, please click on the Student Information tab and make sure your address is correct.

Q:  How does the system figure out how to match me to scholarships? There's some important information the General Application doesn't require!
A:  The online scholarship system works with SVSU's student information system to import most of the essential data needed to determine your eligibility for scholarships.  For example, imported information includes your student ID number, SVSU e-mail address, GPA, number of credits earned, and other elements of your student record. It makes the application process much faster and easier! 

Q. Some scholarships are based on financial need. What if my FAFSA information hasn't been turned in yet?
A. Please complete your Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible!  This will determine your eligibility for all scholarships that are need-based. The online system will import information from your FAFSA form, and then update your scholarship eligibility based on your financial information.   Any new scholarships will be displayed in your listing of "Recommended Opportunities." It is advised that you log into the scholarship system to check the "Recommended Opportunities" each week from the time you submit your General Application until April 1. 

Q. I'm auto-matched to 25 scholarships! Surely that means I'll get at least one!
A. Scholarships are competitive, with lots of great applicants like you for most opportunities. We wish we could provide everyone who applies with a scholarship, but unfortunately, you may qualify for multiple opportunities and still not receive an award. Ultimately, it depends on the number of applicants, qualifications, eligibility factors, and funds available.

Q. I currently receive a scholarship I thought was renewable, but it showed up as one of my “Recommended Opportunities”.  Do I still need to apply for it through the online system?
A. We highly recommend that you do.  Your scholarship may be automatically renewed, but in the event that the scholarship requirements have changed, or you are mistaken about it being a renewable scholarship, it’s best to take a moment to apply and not risk missing out!

Q. How will I know if I get a scholarship?
A. You will receive an award notice via e-mail from Financial Aid and be directed to accept or decline your scholarship(s) through Cardinal Direct.

Q. How will I know if I am NOT selected for scholarships I qualify for?
A. When you check your scholarship page, the status of your application will have changed to "Declined" for those scholarships you did not receive.

Q. I was offered a scholarship, but it was for less than the award amount listed on the website.  What happened?
A. Scholarship award amounts are listed for informational purposes only - they are not guarantees of the amount of your offer(s).  Student eligibility factors and availability of funds are just a couple of reasons actual award amounts may differ.

Q: I currently receive a scholarship that is renewable if I maintain eligibility under the original scholarship requirements. Do I need to re-apply?
A: No, but you should still do a new online application each year to qualify for other opportunities. Also, just because a scholarship may be renewed does not mean it will be. Unless your scholarship specifically states it will be renewed assuming you continue to meet the requirements, you should assume that you need to re-apply for it.  You may also check with Campus Financial Services Center/Financial Aid to confirm renewal terms on scholarships you are currently receiving.


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