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Welcome to SVSU, Here's Your Enrollment Checklist

Now that you are admitted, are you wondering what your next steps are for Financial Aid? Are you confused about what to do next? If so, you are in the right spot! We will help you keep your steps in order here, but also link to other helpful information available to new students. The Next Steps Website for New Freshmen is designed to help new freshmen navigate the whole process, but this page is just another tool to help you navigate through Financial Aid as you become a Cardinal!

Did you do everything you needed to?

If you haven't already done so, follow the instructions listed at Once you have activated your SVSU account, you will be able to access lots of important and useful information!

If you plan on applying for Federal, State and/or need-based aid, you will want to complete your FAFSA. This application should be completed for every academic year you wish to apply for aid. For SVSU, that Fall semester is always the start of our academic year.

Check Your SVSU email regularly, and access mySVSU for your up-to-date information. Your SVSU Email is the primary way all communications are done from the University. You can also access your account balance, class schedule, financial aid information and much more on mySVSU,!

  • To view your Financial Aid Information
    • Go to mySVSU -, click on "mySVSU" near the top of the page to login
    • Under the "Students" menu of "Self Service", click on "My Financial Account"
      • Financial Aid Self-Service: this checklist will detail if anything is still needed to complete your Financial Aid File for the year
      • My Awards: access your Financial Aid Award Letter here, and electronically accept or reject any awards you choose after you complete the Financial Aid Opt-In
    • Want most of your Financial Aid Emails to also go to another email address?
      • Access "My Academic Profile" in the Student Menu
        • Select "User Profile", then "Add New Email" as Carbon Copy Email 1 or 2: Enter up to two additional email addresses that you wish to have SVSU emails forwarded to, at the discretion of each office
    • Want to authorize others, such as a parent, to speak to SVSU officials regarding your financial and/or academic information at SVSU?
      • Access "Privacy Settings" in the Student Menu
        • Personal Information Release: Enter up to three individuals, create a 4-digit pin for each, and choose what they could speak to SVSU staff members regarding‌

To determine your eligibility for Federal Direct Student Loans, you must first complete the FAFSA application. Once your Financial Aid File is complete, you will be awarded your Federal Direct Student Loan eligibility. You can access that on mySVSU, under the "Financial Aid Award Letter Accept/Reject".

  • If you accepted a Federal Direct Student Loan, you will need to complete these two items (which are good for 10 years, meaning you will likely only need to complete them once):
    • Entrance Loan Counseling
      • Make sure to list SVSU as a recipient of your information, our Federal Student Code is 002314
      • You will receive an email to your SVSU email account if you need to complete this
      • This will help you understand the entire student loan process, from the beginning to repayment
    • Master Promissory Note
      • This is your promise to repay the loans
      • You will receive an email to your SVSU email account if you need to complete this
      • You will not be able to complete this until we begin to process your student loan

After reviewing your Expected Cost of Attendance and what you have been awarded, you may still have unmet costs that you want to explore options for. Some options are:

Complete ONE online form... and you will apply for SVSU's private scholarships in the academic year. Applicants will be considered for the scholarships they qualify for, based on their responses to the form’s questions. Students may be asked additional questions to qualify for other scholarships. Scholarships can be awarded based on a number of criteria, including students’ community service, essay responses and financial need (based on information from FAFSA).

New students will sign up for their first courses during their orientation program.

Living on Campus

You've made the right collegiate choice to attend comes the decision where to live.  SVSU offers spaces for over 2,300 students to call "my home away from home."

Over 70% of freshmen choose to live on campus.  There is no residency requirement, and yet, a majority of freshmen select on-campus living as their preference to be true Cardinals.  Why live on campus?  The experience is invaluable.  The compact campus creates an inordinate amount of opportunities within 5-10 minutes of walking.  Residents can also traverse campus mostly indoors as most academic buildings are connected.

It is important that you monitor your SVSU email and complete the requirements in a timely manner for maintenance of your Financial Aid prior to any Payment Due Date.

A few things to remember:
1) All loans and federal aid must remain "pending" until just before the semester starts. However, that DOES count against your balance owing and you should see any accepted aid reflected in your Student Finance-Account Summary.
2) A negative balance is a good thing! That means you have more than enough funds to cover your SVSU costs, and the remainder can go towards books or a refund to you after the semester starts.
3) Any off-campus scholarships or other funding must be here by payment due date to count toward your balance owing.
4) Alternative and Federal Parent PLUS loans can help you meet any remaining costs. 
Or, Payment Plans are available. 
5) You do NOT have to have Federal Entrance Loan Counseling or a Master Promissory Note completed for payment due date... but, (if needed) you do still want to complete those as soon as possible to ensure book money and refunds are processed when the semester begins.
6) Check out information on this site or contact us if you still have questions!

Students receiving grants, scholarships, loans or other awards may request some of their remaining financial aid funds deposited into a Bookstore Advance Account for textbook purchases. Students must “Opt In” to the Bookstore Advance through Self Service to participate.

The first day of classes are some of your most Important Dates for the Academic Year! Make note of when they are to be prepared. 


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