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Consistency in font usage is a critical tool for creating a distinctive style and unique brand identity for SVSU visual communications. The SVSU logo uses Optima Bold. The font used on business cards is Helvetica Narrow. The "We" campaign font is Locator Italic. This is used for the verbs attached to the red WE block.

Verbs attached to the red We block for the campaign.

Locator Light Italic 
The verb that accompanies the We block must be in Locator Light Italic. For more assistance with creating a We verb graphic, contact University Communications. For body text in a flyer or brochure, an acceptable substitute font for Locator is Verdana.

Example of Locator Light Italic

Text in brochures and books, and subheads in brochures and advertisements

Times New Roman
This font should be available on all SVSU computers.


SVSU stationery, and headlines in brochures and advertisements

Arial Narrow Bold / Arial Condensed Bold
This font should be available on all SVSU computers.

Example of Arial Narrow Bold

External Signage

Optima Bold (Zapf Humanist may be used as a substitute)
This font is visible today on nearly all external campus buildings and campus street directory signs. Consistency among signage should be continued. This is also the font used for the S, V, S, U, in the box portion of the SVSU logo.



Some of these fonts may not be available on your computer. If you wish to purchase them, you may contact the SVSU purchasing department to place an order with, or contact University Communications to research a font that has similar characteristics.



University Communications
Wickes Hall 389
(989) 964-4039