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University Seal

Update - March 2024

The NEW Creative Brand Hub for logos, document templates, business cards and job tickets will be available soon. We are in the final stages of updates and will notify the campus when the Creative Brand Hub goes live!

SealThe university seal is tied to the tradition of the university. It is for use exclusively on materials from or by the Office of the President, and on diplomas, transcripts and other official university documents. Contact University Communications at ext. 7101 or 4056 for more information about when it is appropriate to use the seal.

History of the University Seal

The triangle within the SVSU seal symbolizes the geo­graphical area formed by Bay City, Midland and Saginaw.  It denotes the linking of three separate communities and surrounding areas through an institution dedicated to higher education. The year of the university’s founding, 1963, appears below the triangle. Three symbols within the triangle are of Egyptian origin. The figure at the top represents life, denoting that education is an ongoing, life-long process and has a value that lasts forever. The symbol at the lower left represents light — perhaps the inner light. It recognizes that our knowledge is a torch of smoky pine that lights the pathway but one step ahead. Opposite the light of knowledge in the lower right corner is a staff, which stands for strength. This may be regarded as an appeal for the endurance necessary to search for and find the truth, as well as the strength to speak and live it.


University Communications
Wickes Hall 389
(989) 964-4039