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Personalized Stationery

Tim Inman

Director of Marketing Support
Ext. 4086

University Communications coordinates printing of SVSU’s stationery system, which includes:


Letterhead can be ordered with the following options:

  1. As all-purpose university letterhead, which also can be ordered through SVSU’s Central Stores.
  2. Printed with a person’s name, title and telephone number.
  3. Printed with a department's name, office address and telephone number.

Expect a minimum of three weeks turn-around time from the date the order is placed to receive shipments of personalized letterhead.

To place an order, email Tim Inman at

Matching envelopes

Ordered through SVSU’s Central Stores.

Business Cards

Ordered through University Communications by contacting Tim Inman at Information to be printed on a business card must be accurately included in the email request. Please remember that only a limited amount of information can be included on a business card.

For re-orders of existing cards, please refer to Business Services/Graphics Center and submit a Graphics Center Ticket directly.

Memo pads

Available in pads of 50 sheets, trimmed to 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches, and printed in black ink only. Users may select from a variety of paper colors for memo pads. To order, submit a ticket: Memo Pads Order Form.

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University Communications
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(989) 964-4039