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We Challenge. The testing center at SVSU


Please refer to the following information regarding rules, honor code, weather closures, rescheduling, cancellations, refunds and the Testing Center ID policy. 

The rules of the Testing Center are in concordance with SVSU's Honor Code which states, "As a student of Saginaw Valley State University, I am committed to upholding a high standard of academic integrity in all of my work, inside and outside the classroom. Out of respect for my peers, professors, institutions, and self, I will complete all tasks honestly and to the best of my ability. I am guided by my conscience as I work toward my educational and professional goals, and [I] expect my fellow students to practice the same moral judgment. I take pride in my academic accomplishments and therefore will not give or receive unauthorized assistance on any assignment, project, exam or other university requirements. I seek to maintain the honor of a Saginaw Valley State University degree, and I will preserve its value throughout my professional career" (Article 1.1: Academic Integrity Policy). Students may read the entire policy by visiting the Student Conduct Programs website.

Photo ID

Testers are required to present a physical photo ID (student ID, driver's license, passport, or state ID) on test day; electronic versions will not be accepted.

Placement Test Scheduling

Placement tests are scheduled via Academic Advising or by contacting the Testing Center at SVSU via email at or by calling (989) 964-2820. International students may be registered through the English Language Program or International Programs. There will be no walk-in testing, no on-demand testing, and no same-day testing.

Cancellation Policy (for Placement Testing)

Any student who is fifteen minutes late for testing must reschedule to take their exam at another time. Please see Placement Testing Scheduling for more information. In the case of the campus closing due to severe weather, students should contact the Testing Center the next day the Center is open to reschedule their exam.

Items not Allowed at the Testing Site

  • Electronic devices (all phones, iPads, computers, smartwatches, Fitbits, etc.) must be stored away from the space where testing will occur and powered down.
  • Books, papers or notes unless otherwise specified by the instructor.
  • Backpacks, purses and/or bags of any kind.
  • Outerwear with pockets (coats, sweaters, vests, jackets, etc.).  TESTERS THAT ARRIVE WEARING ONLY A COAT WITH NO SHIRT BENEATH WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TEST - NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Hats, caps, and hoods.
  • Non-prescription sunglasses.
  • Headphones or earbuds.
  • Children or outside visitors.
  • Food or beverages.

Additional Information

  • All prohibited items must be stored in an assigned locker.
  • All technology should be removed from pockets and powered down.
  • Scratch paper, pencils, and calculators will be supplied by the Testing Center.
  • Approved or required calculators must be designated by the professor and supplied by the Testing Center.
  • In cases of safety or health risks, the Testing Center reserves the right to delay or deny testing to an examinee.
  • Students found guilty of any violation of academic integrity are subject to disciplinary action. Information regarding academic honesty can be found at Academic Integrity Policy.

During situations of inclement weather, national holidays, campus scheduled holidays (such as Spring Break or Winter Break) or other campus closings, the Testing Center will be closed. Other instances for closure may include staff training, proctor illness or emergencies such as electrical outages or server failure.

If the Testing Center must close on days when exams are scheduled, the administrative staff will do everything in their power to contact testers and let them know of any exam cancellations. They will also help examinees reschedule for their tests on a different date, if possible, at that time. The staff will utilize the tester’s email or other contact information entered in RegisterBlast.

However, it is recommended that students contact the Testing Center to verify if it is open on days of inclement weather. The Testing Center can be reached via email at Testers may also call the Testing Center at (989) 964-2820. However, it should be noted that if the Testing Center has already closed, it will not be possible for the staff to return phone calls.

If a student is scheduled for a specialized exam, such as a board exam, they should also contact the appropriate testing organization regarding the need to reschedule if the Testing Center must close.

If a student cannot come to a scheduled exam, they may reschedule and/or cancel their appointment in one of two ways:

  1. They can access RegisterBlast and follow the prompts provided on the right side of the screen. Note: If the test is scheduled for less than 24 hours from the time a tester is trying to reschedule, RegisterBlast will not allow this option. Examinees should utilize the second option for rescheduling at this time.
  2. They can contact the Testing Center via email at or phone at (989) 964-2820. If the Testing Center is closed, testers should leave their contact information, their reason for calling and a possible rescheduling date if applicable.

If payment has been made, the Testing Center will try to move the exam to another date so that the tester can avoid having to pay twice for the same exam. If the tester has scheduled for an exam they no longer need, and payment has been made, they can request a refund using the following steps:

  1. The Testing Center at SVSU should be contacted no less than two hours before the scheduled exam period.
  2. A written request, either in email or letter form, for an exam refund must be submitted to the Testing Center WITHIN 3 DAYS after the testing window has lapsed. The refund request must provide the student’s name, describe which exam they were scheduled for (time, day, etc.), and provide a phone number and email they can be reached at.

Refunds to the original credit or debit card used will be administered within five business days. Processing fees from RegisterBlast cannot be refunded. Testers who do not contact the Testing Center during the windows mentioned above will be considered no shows and will not receive a refund. The Testing Center can only refund the fees that it has collected; processing fees or fees collected by third parties cannot be refunded by the Center.

The Testing Center can only provide refunds for proctoring fees it has collected via RegisterBlast. For third-party exams, such as the CLEP or board exams, testers should contact those companies directly regarding refunds for the tests. If a student has scheduled to take a placement exam at an institution other than SVSU via the Accuplacer Voucher Program, the student should contact the institution where the test is scheduled to discuss a refund. SVSU and the Testing Center are not responsible for paying fees or refunding fees paid to any other testing organization or testing institution.

Before beginning their exam, testers are required to present a physical photo ID on test day; electronic versions will not be accepted. Acceptable forms of ID include a student ID, driver’s license, state ID or passport. Unacceptable forms of ID are as follows:

  • Expired IDs: It should be noted that high school IDs that do not state the current academic year will be considered expired and will not be accepted.
  • Digital, printed off or xeroxed copies of an original ID.
  • IDs that do not look like the tester.
  • Credit or debit cards.
  • Third-Party Vendor Cards: For example, retail distributed cards, auto insurance cards (such as AAA), library cards or any other vender-associated card - even if a photo is provided on the card.
  • Birth certificates or social security cards.
  • Family members, friends or acquaintances who arrive with the tester to “verify” their identity.


After the completion of placement testing, students who have tested in the Center will receive a score report detailing their placement.  Additional score reports (including for those who took the test via the voucher system) for the Math and Reading Placement exams can be obtained by coming to the Center and requesting them in person or by email.  For emailed copies, requests should be sent to along with the student's name, date of birth, SVSU student number, and a statement giving permission to the Center to email their scores.  Scores cannot be released over the phone and, due to FERPA, can only be sent directly to the student.  The Center is unable to send score sheets to outside institutions.  Requests may take up to 3-4 business days to process.  We thank you for your understanding.


The Testing Center @ SVSU
Zahnow 308
(989) 964-2820