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We Challenge. The testing center at SVSU

Faculty Information

Please explore the following information to learn more about what's required from faculty members.

Except in cases of specialized testing (i.e., HESI, CLEP, CS150 exams), only the Office of Accessibility Resources and Accommodations (ARA) can offer alternative testing for students with disabilities.  Please contact ARA at 989-964-7000 or at for questions regarding alternative testing for standard classroom exams.  Please note that, though the Testing Center is not offiliated with or connected to the ARA Office, any student with a documented accommodation that needs to take a specialized test will still receive their accommodation in the Center.

Instructors that are unable to proctor their own make-up exams may send their students to the Testing Center.  These tests are given at the discretion of the faculty member, and all instructions given to the Center by them will be strictly adhered to. The Center does not give class-wide or in-class exams, and students are charged a nominal fee for using the Center’s proctoring services.

Submitting a Make-Up Exam

Exams may be emailed to the Center (, dropped off in person, or attached to the Make-Up Exam form on the Testing Center website.  If the Center is closed, and an instructor wishes to drop off a hard copy of their exam, the test may be put into the locked drop box next to the Center’s door.  Only authorized testing personnel have access to the contents of the lockbox.

All Make-Up Exams must be attached to a Make-Up Exam form. Hard copies of the form are available at the Testing Center; a digital version can be found by clicking on the "Make-Up Exam Form" link.  Please note that the Testing Center is not open Friday through Sunday, so the final day for an exam to be completed must fall on Monday through Thursday.

Make-Up Exam Form

Proctoring Practices

The Testing Center is an NCTA certified testing location and adheres to all NCTA policies and practices. Before taking an exam, students are required to store all personal items – including books, electronics, and notes – in a secure storage location. The only items allowed in the testing rooms are those permitted by their accommodation and/or their instructor. Students are monitored by a trained proctor and all testing sessions are recorded via audio/video equipment. All materials are collected at the end of the exam unless otherwise instructed by the professor.

Completed Exams

When a student has completed their exam, an email will be sent to notify the instructor of its completion. The instructor may pick the test up in person from the Testing Center. Tests will not be released to any other faculty, student, or staff member unless written permission is given by the instructor. Alternatively, an instructor may request that the exam be scanned and emailed to them.

Upon confirmation of receipt, the original exam will be destroyed, unless otherwise instructed by the faculty member. It should be noted that scantrons can be scanned to the instructor but the scantron machine will not be able to read them.

Exam Cancellations, Rescheduling, or Incomplete Exams

If an exam has not been completed by the allotted date, the instructor will be contacted to ascertain their wishes regarding the test. Exam dates may be extended at the instructor’s discretion.  To extend an exam date, please contact the Testing Center at (989) 964-2820 or Expired exams that are not picked up will be destroyed two weeks after the expiration date unless otherwise directed by the instructor. In cases of inclement weather, instructors will be contacted by the Center regarding date extensions. Once a date has been verified, instructors should confirm this date with their students who will need to reschedule their appointment.

Students needing online course testing have three options: they may take their exams at the Testing Center, they may use an off-site testing center or they may utilize ProctorU testing services. Students are responsible for any fees charged for exam proctoring services. Students should work with their instructor within the first two weeks of the semester to decide which option would work best for both parties.

Testing in the Testing Center

The Testing Center provides a controlled environment for examination proctoring. Testers are monitored at all times via audio/visual equipment. If an instructor wishes to allow their students the option of using the Testing Center as a location to take their exams, instructors may submit their exam and all their materials via either email or by using the Online Course Exam Form.  Please note that the Testing Center is not open Friday through Sunday, so the final day for an exam to be completed must fall on Monday through Thursday.

Instructors must include all materials needed for the test, such as formula sheets or tables. All directions should be submitted with the exam as well, including but not limited to time limits, the need for scrap paper and/or a list of permissible items such as calculators.

If the exam is online, passwords must be submitted as well. The Testing Center does not have access to the instructor’s course on Canvas and cannot view, alter, change or add any content to the page. If the student has a documented accommodation, the instructor should increase the time limit of the Canvas exam.

Testing at an Off-Campus Facility

Students wishing to take their exams at an off-campus facility will notify their instructor within the first two weeks of the semester. To view a list of approved, NCTA certified testing locations, students and faculty should visit the NCTA website.


ProctorU is an online testing service that connects students to a live proctor. This service utilizes a computer’s webcam to monitor the tester during an exam. Only online exams (i.e. Canvas, eLearning [D2L], Blackboard) can be proctored by this company. Testers will be asked to provide two forms of identification, and they will be watched at all times during their test by certified ProctorU testing administrators.

Faculty wishing to use this option will submit their test procedures and password to ProctorU three weeks before the exam date. Students will then register with ProctorU to take the test. During registration, any fees for testing will be paid by the student. SVSU, the faculty member and the Testing Center are not responsible for making payments for exams. Students are also responsible for ensuring that their computer meets all technical requirements for using ProctorU’s services. To learn more about ProctorU, please view the ProctorU: How It Works video. All questions regarding ProctorU, its policies, and its fees should be directed to ProctorU at (855) 772-8678.


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