Accommodations in the Testing Center

Testing Center staff will do everything possible to ensure that students receive their accommodations. However, space is limited for private rooms so only examinees that have this as a viable accommodation will be eligible for Private Room Alternative Testing. Quiet room testing is available for all. Students needing Dragon Software must take their exams with the ARA Office as the Center is not equipped with this program.

If a student is allowed memory aids, such as notecards, these must be approved by their instructor before their test date. The instructor must sign them in ink.

Visit the Office of Accessibility Resources and Accommodations (ARA)

To take an Accommodated or Alternative Test in the Testing Center, students must call or visit the Testing Center and speak with a center staff member. In addition, they must notify the ARA Office so they can be registered in AIM. There are no walk-ins for exams in the Center. If a student is more than 10 minutes late for their appointment, they must reschedule to minimize interruptions for those already testing. Testers should allow themselves enough time to complete their exams prior to the closing of the Testing Center when registering. It is highly recommended that students ask their professor how long the test may take so that they can plan accordingly.

If a student cannot come to a scheduled exam, they may reschedule and/or cancel their appointment by contacting the Testing Center via email at or phone at (989) 964-2820. If the Testing Center is closed, testers should leave their contact information, their reason for calling and a possible rescheduling date if applicable.

Note: The student must get authorization from their professor to reschedule for their exam, as tests are often time-sensitive.


Testing Center
Zahnow 308
(989) 964-2820