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Accommodated Testing

Accommodated Testing: To protect student privacy, accommodated testing is held in the Office of Accessibility Resources and Accommodations (ARA), which is located in Wickes260.  Questions regarding policies and procedures for accommodated testing should be directed to ARA.  Appointments can be made by contacting ARA during their normal business hours at 989-964-7000.

Please note that the Testing Center is able to proctor timed exams as well as tests that require calculators or memory aids such as notecards; a student's faculty member may specify permitted items and time allotments when submitting their exam materials for make-up exams.

Accommodated Vendor Testing: Students in need of a third-party vendor exam, such as CLEP, Accuplacer, or ExPrep CS150 Assessments, are required to take their exams in the Testing Center as ARA is not certified through these programs.  Testers are required to present a physical photo ID (student ID, driver's license, passport, or state ID) on test day; electronic versions or "photos" of the original ID will not be accepted.



The Testing Center @ SVSU
Zahnow 308
(989) 964-2820