College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The Center is certified to give the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests. These computerized exams allow students to earn college credit for certain general education courses. SVSU, along with thousands of other academic institutions, accepts CLEP test credits for a variety of courses. SVSU students wishing to take CLEP exams should contact the Registrar’s Office for information regarding credit offered and minimum scores required, or they may visit the Acceptable Credits page on the College Board website. Non-SVSU students should contact the appropriate office at their college or university to learn more about this exam.

CLEP Exams Important Information

To purchase a CLEP exam, visit the College Board website. After purchasing the exam, testers should visit SVSU’s RegisterBlast website and schedule for their testing session; no walk-in testing is allowed. If a tester needs to cancel or reschedule their appointment, they should see the "Rescheduling, Cancellation, and Refund Policy" on the center's website. 

CLEP offers study guides through the College Board website ( It is highly recommended that students only use current study materials for their exams as College Board creates new study materials yearly for their updated exams.

All examinees must present their CLEP ticket and government-issued photo ID. IDs must have a recognizable photo that looks like the tester, cannot be expired, and should show the tester’s birthdate. Those with unacceptable IDs or those that do not have their CLEP ticket with them will not be allowed to take the exam and may run the risk of forfeiting their testing fees. All testers must use the approved CLEP scrap paper, pencils, and head-phones (for audio tests) provided by the Testing Center. For math tests, only the built-in CLEP calculator may be used.

Students who are active military and some veterans are eligible for the DANTES program through their local VA. This program offers reimbursements and/or discounts for CLEP exams. To learn more about this program, visit the College Board DANTES website.


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