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These exhibitions are a show of the works of SVSU Bachelor of Fine Arts students. This serves as a completion of their undergraduate program: painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, ceramics, computer illustration and graphic design are included.  View links below for more information on individual exhibitions. 

BFA postcard featuring the close up work of Tera Peters and Alexia Hall with exhibition details

Fall 2022: Tera Peters and Alexia Hall

 image from BFA student card

Winter 2022

Jericho Long, Taylor Lemke, Ava Rummler, Elizabeth Terry

BFAf20 350x

Fall 2020
Nicole Vogelpohl, Benjamin Quinno, & Katherine Huber

BFA Taylor posterWinter 2020
Taylor Stone

Cecil Thurston border Fall 2019 BFA
Danielle Cecil and Shelby Thurston‌


BFA W19 Poster

Winter 2019
Anna Slavin, Howie Eagle, Raul Avel & Tylar Elizabeth


BFA Postcard, Charity Glaza, ceramics
Eric McGregor, ceramics
Jessica Smith, painting 

Winter 2017
Jessica Smith, Eric McGregor, Charity Starre Glaza

Mirror Less Poster ‌‌
Winter 2016
Alison Bur & Myles Roznowski

 BFA Postcard Fall 2015
Fall 2015
Logan Mooney & Miles Nitz


BFA Postcard - Garrett WestlockWinter 2015
Garrot Weslock

 Bachelor of Fine Arts exhibition postcard - Eileen Gemborys & David Janssen, Jr.
Fall 2014
Eileen Gemborys & David Janssen, Jr. 

Stephanie Palagyi Postcard - exhibit March 24 - April 11, 2014

Winter 2014
Stephanie Palagyi


  BFA Exhibit postcard - Fall 2013: Samuel Dantuma, Jon Elliott, Patricia McDonald, and Olivia Nixon

‌Fall 2013
Samuel Dantuma, Jon Elliott, Patricia McDonald & Olivia Nixon 




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