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Program Requirements and Degree Options


BA Art degree w/border BA Graphic Design w/border BA VA ed w/border BFA degree w/border

‌Program Requirements and Degree Options




Visual Arts Education: Secondary Education Teacher Certification

Learn more about the Certification Requirements.

Computer and Software Suggestions for Graphic Design Majors

An Apple Macintosh (Mac) computer is the best choice for a Graphic Design major. Macs are the industry standard, and most job positions in design will provide Macs in the workplace. Before you purchase a Mac, we recommend that you wait until you are in your higher level graphic design courses. Computers age quickly and the Art Department provides a Mac lab for you with all the software you will need for your courses. It is advised that you wait until you have completed ART 260 or ART 350 before purchasing a personal Mac computer. When you purchase a computer for your personal use, the most important features are memory and processing power. Buy the model you like with the most processing power and memory that you can afford.

In your graphic design courses, SVSU instructors recommend you use the Adobe Creative Cloud services since it is an industry standard as well. If you decide to get your own computer, know that the software is expensive for students, around $30/month for as long as you subscribe to the service. It is not recommended to store files on the Adobe Cloud as students who have missed their monthly payment have had all of their personal files deleted.

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