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Jericho Long- Graphic Design

three coffee bags designed by Long in various colors

Shown: Coffea package design, 2022

Over the years, I have asked myself what my style is and what my artwork conveys to the public? I didn’t have an answer for these questions when I started my journey as an artist. My first semester taking an art class was in fall of my sophomore year in college. Since then, I’ve been able to grow in my knowledge about art concepts, needs of a targeted audience, and can come up with creative solutions for problems. I have found that the creative process is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable elements in a design process. It allows the exploration of multiple creative possibilities that will eventually lead to a suitable solution. There have been many times, when my intuition would take over and lead me to create something, I would never have thought possible. It is an exhilarating and freeing feeling to be able to express these emotions in my artwork. The overall style of my artwork reflects my need to create unique art that takes inspiration from nature or organic forms. Many of my artworks take inspiration from organic forms and balance them with other elements to create harmony. The overall harmony in a piece of art can only be achieved when all the elements are able to work together. I often perceive Vincent van Gogh’s painting as having the same concepts. His brush strokes and use of color can be described as organic and unique in form, but when they are together, they are able to create a painting that is unique and displays a harmonious image. Color is another element that I like to incorporate into my style. I use color to represent a feeling or emotion that I am trying to convey. Many of the warm tones are meant to convey a welcoming or comforting theme, while cooler tones represent a more serious or melancholy theme. This was mainly inspired by the graphic design artist Deborah Sussman. Her artwork consists of many pattern designs that use very bright and fun colors. She uses this color to convey the atmosphere of the place in which the design is placed. Many of her artworks have provided inspiration for me. It is these types of emotions and ideas that motivate me to continue creating new pieces of art and improve my skills in all styles of art. The main influences in my artwork are past artists, nature, and a need to create something unique. Seeing the different styles of art that have been created pushes me to aim higher with my goals and use techniques that can help me develop my skills. My professors have helped me develop my artwork throughout the years and have introduced me to an artistic way of thinking that allows me to think outside of the box and look at problems from all different angles. This is something I could not have learned on my own and feel greatly appreciative for all their teachings. My family’s influence is shown through my hard work and effort that I have put in over these past couple of years. These principles have allowed me to create many different pieces of art and will push me to continue creating new unique artworks. 

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