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November 16th - December 19, 2020
Reception: We regret that a reception is not possible at this time

This exhibition features artwork by the Bachelor of Fine Arts candidates Katherine Huber, Nicole Vogelpohl and Benjamin Quinno and serves as a completion of their undergraduate program.  Students will be exhibiting Photography and Ceramic work.  More information to follow pertaining to candidates and their exhibit.

This exhibition will remain up until the December graduation for family and small private showings by appointment only. (Gallery not open during Thanksgiving Holiday) Please call 989-964-2291 to make arrangements

(more images available on students individual pages, see below.  Also on Gallery Facebook or Flickr)


KATHERINE HUBER - Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a concentration in Photography
Artist Statement

In my current body of work entitled Myselves, I am analyzing the everchanging relationship an individual has with oneself. It is my intention, to explore the conflict and peace that occurs behind closed eyelids, and its manifestation of our relationship with ourselves. 

Utilizing photography as my medium, my work examines the formal elements and expression of contemporary photography and encourages the viewer to consider what they see. I am employing a muted color palette with the intention of exaggerating the raw forms and emotions of the work. I am drawing from the work of contemporary photographer Francesca Woodman, who experimented with formal photography techniques to create surrealistic compositions, and embracing the concept of the otherworldly, as I work to create dreamlike (or unusual) environments. My use of long exposures and double exposures is intended to bring a sense of motion and haste to the image. I attempt to pull the viewer into a pattern of time portrayed in each image, leaving them with a sense of unease. FOR MORE INFO ON ARTIST...

NICOLE VOGELPOHL - Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a concentration in Photography
Artist Statement: "Corps Céleste"

In my latest body of work, Corps Céleste, or (Celestial Bodies), I am exploring the idea that trauma can result in constructive outcomes through intensive self-reflection and exploration. Working with an intensive outpatient program has helped me to learn resilience. I have discovered that my destructiveness stems from the abuse in my past. My intention in this work is to contrast the harsh traumas surrounding eating disorders with the organic, pure form of the female body, juxtaposing organic objects with their cast shadows. I am making unsexualized images of the female body comprised of skin and shadow.  In Corps Céleste, I express the concealed interior conflict of how women see their own bodies compared to an unachievable ideal. I explore areas of the body around which many women feel self-consciousness, shame or comparative dissatisfaction.  FOR MORE INFO ON ARTIST...

BENJAMIN QUINNO - Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a concentration in Ceramics
Artist Statement: "Flame Work"

Flame Work explores the relationship between community and ceramics, exposing their codependency through history, process, and functional application. To accomplish this, I have created a series of table settings that induce a sense of elegance, intimacy, functionality, and community.

Growing up in my home, the dinner table was the focal point of the family. Sitting down together to a hot meal brought everyone into an environment conducive to conversation and sharing, creating a sense of belonging and community within our home. I chose to create table settings for this project to reflect my personal experience with the community.  FOR MORE INFO ON ARTIST...

All gallery exhibitions, lectures and receptions are free and open to the public. Click the following link for open gallery hours or call (989) 964-2291. The University Art Gallery is located in the Arbury Fine Arts Center on the campus of Saginaw Valley State University,

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