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Student Conduct Process for Behavioral Issues

All students are expected to conduct themselves as responsible members of the University community and to respect the rights of their fellow citizens.

SVSU regulations may apply to behavior off-campus, as well as, on campus.  Violations of the regulations may result in disciplinary action by both the University and civil authorities.  Students at Saginaw Valley State University also are responsible for their guests' behavior.  Students may be charged through disciplinary processes for their actions.  The following processes are defined below:

Student Conduct Process for Behavioral Issues (49KB)

Student Conduct Disciplinary Procedure (394KB)

Student Conduct Disciplinary Appeal Procedures (170KB)

Student Conduct Multiple Disciplinary Procedure (326KB)

Academic Disciplinary Hearing_Mult._2021 (72KB)

Student Conduct Multiple Disciplinary Appeal Procedure (264KB)