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Proposal Submission Process

University Review and Approval

Sponsored & Academic Programs Support (SP) reviews all proposals prior to their submission to the funding agency. A completed copy of the proposal should be submitted to SP 10 days, but at least one week prior to submission to assure that the proposal adheres to Federal regulations, University policies and procedures, and the requirements/guidelines of the funding agency. The one week requested by SP ensures that all other (n=5) University approvals are secured and there is sufficient time to make any needed changes to the proposal. It is the responsibility of both the PI and SP to assure that all proposals are complete and accurate.

Transmittal - Signature and Authorizations

SP’s Transmittal specifies approval requirements and contains general proposal information; this is an internal document that ensures support from all responsible parties at SVSU.  Required signatures include: Principal Investigator/Project Director, Director of Sponsored Programs, Dean/Director/or Vice President, Controller/Assistant Controller, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and President. Each signer has a responsibility to the project listed on the transmittal.  SP is responsible for acquiring the appropriate signatures.

Required Copies of the Proposal

The number of copies necessary for the submission to sponsors is often noted in the sponsor's guidelines and varies with each sponsor. If it is not stated in the guidelines, SP will obtain that information and make the appropriate copies.  SP retains a completed copy of the guidelines and the proposal electronically and in its files.

Sponsor Deadlines

Deadline dates are strictly enforced by the sponsor and usually require that the proposal either be postmarked by the deadline date or received electronically by the deadline date.  SP has funding to pay for overnight delivery and verifies delivery by tracking the proposal.

Electronic Submission

Nearly all sponsoring agencies require online submission of proposals/applications. Although online submission has a number of benefits, it also creates some unique challenges:

  • There is a lack of a common set of principles and guidelines for these systems.
  • Existing systems are changing and new systems are being implemented.
  • Users must become familiar with new concepts, buzzwords, and acronyms.
  • Many systems require that the PI have a user name and password through a registration process.
  • Some agency systems are not sophisticated and when submitting your information do not allow for log in and log out AND saving information.  Sometimes the application process must be done in one sitting.
  • Each funder has different requirements for formatting and file conversion
  • Often there is system “overload” as the application deadline approaches that slows file uploads and/or internet interruptions

As a result, SP recommends that electronic proposal submissions occur at least one day prior to sponsor deadlines, which means all approvals must be in place in order to submit your grant proposal.

Multiple Submissions

Identical proposals may be submitted to more than one sponsor at a time provided each sponsor is advised that this has occurred.  Each sponsor will be given the name of the other recipients of the proposal and the amount of funds requested. In instances where all sponsors are given the same total project budget, it should be specified as to how much of the total budget is being requested of each individual sponsor and for what purpose those funds will be used.  Careful attention is paid to restrictions sponsors have on the submission of identical proposals to other sponsors, for example. National Institutes of Health prohibits multiple submissions.