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Project Support

To assist SVSU faculty and staff in the identification and administration of sponsored research support, SP works with a number of other University offices to provide timely and effective service. The general responsibility for administering sponsored projects is distributed as follows:

Sponsored & Academic Programs Support

The SP staff assists faculty and administrators in researching and finding external funding sources for their projects, securing application materials, and analyzing proposal guidelines. SP also assists in project, proposal, and budget development, and can provide institutional narrative, secure institutional approvals, and produce and package proposals for submission to sponsors.  Upon receiving an award, SP has the responsibility to negotiates the terms and conditions of funding awards.  SP will review various administrative reports required, interacts with sponsors in post-award administration, and provides post-award publicity.

Controller’s Office

The Controller’s office establishes project accounts and summarizes all accounting and fiscal matters relating to sponsored projects among SVSU administrative offices, SP, and Principal Investigators.  The Controller’s office is responsible for submitting all financial reports required by the sponsoring agency. This office also coordinates all audits performed by the University’s independent auditors, Federal agencies, and other sponsoring agencies, as well as prepares and negotiates the Federal Facilities & Administrative Cost rates (indirect costs rates) and fringe benefit rates.

Department Secretaries or Project Assistants

Department secretaries and/or project assistants assist faculty in the process of administrating proposals. They are the prime focus of responsibility for day-to-day administrative support for sponsored projects. Included in the latter are such functions as properly charging expenses to sponsored project accounts, purchasing supplies and materials, and coordinating personnel matters to ensure that faculty, staff, and students’ efforts are properly recorded and allocated to sponsored project accounts.

SP provides administrative support for these administrative offices and University committees in the following ways:

Institutional Review Board (IRB).  This committee, composed of faculty members from various departments, as well as community members, are responsible for reviewing and approving protocols submitted by faculty and staff who intend to use humans as subjects in their research. Beginning September 6, 2008, all materials are submitted to the SVSU IRB through  The IRB meets monthly to review proposals. Project applications must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the scheduled monthly meeting. The IRB meeting calendar, instructions for registering with the IRBNet site, and submitting materials, can be found on SP’s website at and clicking on Institutional Review Board on the left toolbar.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).  This committee, composed of faculty members from various departments, as well as a veterinarian and a non-affiliated member, are responsible for reviewing and approving protocols submitted by faculty and students who intend to use animals as subjects in their classes and/or research.  All materials must be submitted to the SVSU IACUC through  The SVSU IACUC meets monthly.

SVSU Foundation.  When appropriate, SP works with the SVSU Foundation in finding sources of funding for activities of interest to members of faculty and the University community. While the two offices have clearly defined areas of responsibility, it is recognized that there are many situations that require the expertise both offices can provide. Members of SP and the Foundation office will consult jointly with faculty on finding appropriate sources of funding and review proposals collaboratively when needed. SP also works in conjunction with SVSU Foundation by assisting faculty in the submission of applications for the SVSU Foundation Resource Grant.