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Unmanned Aircraft Usage

Policies & Procedures

The purpose of the SVSU Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Outdoor/Indoor Flight Approval Forms and the SVSU UAS Purchase Approval Form is to provide a process by which SVSU-affiliated flyers without a Part 107 permit, or non-SVSU flyers with or without a Part 107 Permit, can gain approval to operate UAS for SVSU-sanctioned activities both on and off SVSU properties. SVSU faculty, staff, and students who hold a Remote pilot Certificate (Part 107) AND are flying for teaching or research purposes do not have to fill out this application unless they are flying indoors or purchasing a UAS. All other flyers, including Part 107 holders with intended uses beyond education and research, must complete the application.

Preparation to Operate UAS:

The purchase and use of UAS by SVSU students or employees with University funds, including grant funds, must comply with the applicable provisions of all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) laws and regulations, including Part 107 rules, or Recreational Flyer/Modeler rules as applicable.

Purchase of a UAS:

Prior to any employee, student, or department purchasing a UAS (or the parts to assemble a UAS), a review by the Office of Administration and Business Affairs, Wickes Hall, is required to asses:

· the university’s ability to obtain FAA authorization for the requested use; and

· institutional and/or local compliance requirements


1. Complete and submit the appropriate form from the menu to the right. 

2. The Approval Form will be reviewed by Office of Administration and Business Affairs - Wickes Hall to determine whether a proposed use can be approved as described, needs modification for approval, or should be denied.


SVSU UAS policy:

FAA - recreational flyers/modelers

Part 107 license and Part 107 summary:


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