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Negotiation and Acceptance of Sponsored Agreements


Sponsored Programs (SP), in conjunction with the Principal Investigator (PI), is responsible for reviewing all terms and conditions of an award prior to acceptance by the University. SP is responsible for assuring that sponsor requirements are compatible with University sponsored project policies, consistent with government-wide regulations applicable to universities and reflect the understandings agreed upon prior to the award. SP has the prime responsibility for resolving any differences between the University and sponsor about terms and conditions of new awards, as well as modifications or amendments to existing awards.

Award Acceptance

When an award document is received, SP immediately informs the PI of the award. If the PI receives the award letter, then immediate notification should be given to the SP office. The PI plays a significant role in the negotiations of a sponsored project.  SP will advise the PI that the award document is being reviewed to assure that the required terms and conditions are in accordance with the University policies and procedures and that additional requirements by the agency have not been added. SP seeks the input of the PI concerning any troublesome provisions. In reviewing the terms and conditions of an award, SP is concerned with protecting the rights of the PI and the University and assuring the feasibility of administering the award and conducting the research.

Some major concerns in reviewing the terms and conditions include: re-budgeting restrictions, mandatory prior approval on certain transactions, ability to extend the term of the award, unreasonable reporting requirements, appropriate payment terms, and restrictions on patents and publishing.

SP, in collaboration with the PI, will determine the appropriateness of the terms and conditions and suggest alternatives to be negotiated with the sponsor. The terms and conditions of the award are not finalized until the PI approves them. Once approved, the award document is signed by the authorized representative of the University (University President), indicating acceptance, and returned to the sponsor to be fully-executed. 

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