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Export Controls - Why This Matters!

Concerns in the United States continue to mount regarding intellectual property regarding commercial use and university work.  Departments of the US Government have taken specific steps legislatively to protect the transmission of products and information with other countries.  Efforts to protect institutions of higher education deal mainly with research efforts, but can apply to all disciplines whether research or teaching.  As a university focused on teaching, SVSU has less exposure to the risk of IP theft, but the University is taking active steps to ensure the work of faculty is protected

Any equipment, technology, or technical information subject to U.S. government control that is released to any foreign person in any location in any way is an export.  The technical data, service, or commodity need not physically leave the U.S. to be considered to have been exported.  Export includes face-to-face conversations or meetings, emails or faxes, or casual conversations in a hallway or at lunch or on an airplane.  Exports involving both classified defense information and critical unclassified technical data are controlled by the federal government.  SVSU’s routine international business activities may be subject to U.S. export regulations. 

This website sets forth SVSU’s export compliance policies and procedures.  All SVSU employees need to be aware of the existence of these laws, to know when a work situation poses export control concerns, and where to turn for guidance and assistance when questions arise.  The basic knowledge presented in this website will enable you to assist in maintaining SVSU’s reputation as a good citizen in higher education and help you avoid the civil and criminal penalties imposed on individuals who violate these federal laws.

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Foreign Travel Briefing
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