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To facilitate the acquisition and management of sponsored projects, Sponsored Programs (SP) works closely with faculty, department administrators, as well as other University administrative offices. It is also the prime contact point for sponsors and subcontractors on the business issues involved with sponsored projects.  This website describes the procedures that SP, faculty, and administrative staff are to follow in carrying out sponsored projects at SVSU.  In the event of an audit, the policies described will provide the basis for an auditor’s determination pertaining to University practices.

External support is anything of economic value provided by a third party (either the “sponsor” in the case of sponsored projects or the “donor” in the case of gifts) for use in a project conducted by or at the University. Correct classification of external support and use of appropriate procedures is intended to assure the University’s ability to:

  1. comply with requirements specified by the sponsor or donor;
  2. satisfy reporting requirements;
  3. properly recover its costs, both direct and indirect;
  4. monitor the nature and extent of research activity; and
  5. assure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and University policies
Sponsored Projects
Sponsored Programs can assist you with the following:

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