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About Sponsored Programs

While much of SP administrative responsibilities relate to the conduct of research at SVSU, it is involved with all sponsored projects. Examples include: research, training, workshops, curriculum development, scholarly work, public services, fellowships, art exhibitions, and equipment awards.

Sponsors of these activities include the federal government, state and local governments, foundations, international organizations, research institutes, and corporations. These organizations fund sponsored projects through a variety of mechanisms such as contracts, grants, letter agreements, purchase orders, cooperative agreements, and a variety of awards that fall under the heading of subcontracts.

SP does not involve itself with gifts or other unrestricted funds that fall within the purview of the SVSU Foundation. The following definition of a sponsored project is pertinent to clarifying the distinction between the types of funding handled by SP and the SVSU Foundation.

Sponsored projects are research, training, or instructional projects involving funds, materials, other forms of compensation, or exchanges of in-kind efforts from sources external to SVSU under awards or agreements which contain any one of the following criteria:

  • The award of agreement binds the University to a scope of work that is specified to a substantial level of detail. This would, for example, include funding that is dedicated to an investigator's particular research project, a grant to a department under which seed money for particular projects would be distributed, and the training of students on specific projects. It would not include funding that provides general research support to a department or individual.
  • A line item budget is involved. A line item budget details expenses by activity, function, or project period. The designation of indirect or administrative costs qualifies a budget as "line item." Financial reports are required and/or the expenses are subject to audit.
  • Financial reports are required and/or the expenses are subject to audit.
  • The sponsor defines a period of performance during which funds may be used and/or unused funds must be returned to the sponsor.
  • The award or agreement provides for the disposition of either tangible or intangible properties which may result from the project. Tangible properties include equipment, records, formal activity reports, theses or dissertations. Intangible properties include rights in data, copyrights, or inventions, or research-related materials.
  • The specific project involves any of the following:  human subjects, vertebrate animals, radioactive materials, recombinant DNA, human body substances, infectious agents, or third-party proprietary materials.
  • The external support is subject to any of the following conditions:
    • Delivery of specific goods, services, or other deliverables by the University
    • Performance milestones
    • Transfer of intellectual property, ownership, or related rights
    • Insurance, indemnification, or warranty
    • Restrictions on publication of research results
    • Audit requirements
  • The provider of the external support may withhold or seek a refund of the support if the project fails to meet performance requirements or project objectives, including certain research outcomes.
  • External support is provided for research-related patient care services or the routine cost of care delivered as part of research studies.
  • External support is provided by a sponsor for the testing or assessment of the sponsor’s products or services.


The Office of Sponsored and Academic Programs Support can assist you with the following:

  • Finding a sponsor and making contacts
  • Developing a proposal: early discussions and writing the narrative
  • Reviewing, editing and writing help
    • Hints on writing a proposal: cost sharing, significance of the project, expertise, dissemination, planned activities, peer evaluation and chances for funding
  • Processing/submitting grants
  • Project administration
  • Providing SVSU institutional information for proposals