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Proposal Preparation

Obtaining external funds for projects at SVSU provides benefits to faculty, staff, students, the community, and the University itself. For faculty, grants provide the means to conduct research by providing funds for administrative support, equipment, and release time. It provides learning and earning opportunities for students and strengthens the University impacting the quality of life in our community.  However, when developing a proposal idea, it is important to create a link between how a potential funding source views a problem/issue being addressed, and the outcomes of the PI’s project.  In other words, the PI must prove why his or her proposal is the best way to address the problem as defined by the funding source.

Idea Development - Developing a strong, competitive grant proposal requires planning and focus.  A well-written proposal not only gives a PI a better chance of receiving funding, but provides a detailed plan for carrying out the program upon receiving the award. The following considerations and questions can guide your thinking when developing a proposal.

Need Identification
Programs Currently in Place
Clarify Purpose of Proposed Program
Can the University and Proposed Program Deliver what it Promises?
Preliminary Inquiries

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