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SVSU Graduate Student Travel Grant

Graduate Student Travel Grant: Funds are available for graduate student travel to academic and professional conferences:  up to $600 regional, $1,000 national, and $1,500 international conferences.  Limit: $1,500 maximum per person throughout SVSU career. The committee will also consider funding group proposals requesting travel support and will determine appropriate funding level.  Per diem (food) and organization membership fees are the responsibility of the student.  Estimate: 6-7 awards/year. 

Who is eligible: Graduate students - registered at least half time during the academic year (5 or more credits per Fall and Winter semesters). In order to be considered for a student-travel grant, student must be presenting at conference. Due to limited funds, networking/professional development conferences do not qualify for student-travel grants. 

Due date: First of the month, every month. Decisions for funding will be emailed by the 15th of the month if not before.

Applicants are required to apply for funding from the Student Association prior to submitting for SVSU Graduate Student Travel grant.  Proof of this request for funding should be included in the application.

To learn more about the SVSU graduate student-travel grant and/or apply, download Graduate Student-travel Grant (153KB) .

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