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Faculty & Staff Support

SVSU Entrance in the Fall


Faculty and staff interact with students every day and may notice or have first-hand knowledge of an individual who is struggling or experiencing distress.  You may encounter a student in distress or who tells you about negative life events or their mental health history.  These situations can be troubling and cause you uncertainty on how best to address the student.  We're here to help. 

How to Interact with Students in Distress 

  1. Request to speak to the student. 
  2. Briefly acknowledge your observation and perceptions of their situation and express your concerns directly and honestly. 
  3. Listen carefully to what the student is troubled about and try to see the issue from his/her point of view without necessarily agreeing or disagreeing. 
  4. Strange and inappropriate behavior should not be ignored.  The student can be informed that such behavior is distracting, concerning or inappropriate. 
  5. Your receptivity to an alienated student will allow him/her to respond more effectively to your concerns. 
  6. Involve yourself only as far as you are willing to go.  At times, to reach or help a troubled student, you may become more involved than time or skill permits.  Extending oneself to others always involves some risk but it can be a gratifying experience when kept within realistic limits. 


If you are unsure how to approach a student or not certain if there is a need for concern, call our office at (989) 964-7078 to consult with one of our clinicians.  They will be able to provide suggestions on approaches you can take with the student. The MH&WC Staff can also assist with the referral process. 

The MH&WC is committed to helping students increase their skills and resources in meeting their academic and interpersonal challenges and in becoming responsible and productive adults. 

Our services include individual, group and crisis support, as well as numerous workshops on topics such as stress management, resilience, and anxiety. 

Cardinal Care Notes

Cardinal Care Notes provide a confidential venue to share something from or about a student that causes you significant concern about a student's health, well-being, safety, and/or academic success.  Cardinal Care Notes allow the University to offer students support and resources for social and personal issues that may impact their SVSU experience.  Any member of the University community or other interested individuals may submit a concern. Cardinal Care Notes are reviewed by a small group of staff who meet regularly to determine the best approach to reach out to the student.  Confidential Student Counseling Office information is NOT shared in meetings.  

If there is an immediate risk to life, property or requires a more immediate response call 911.

Health & Wellness Resources for Faculty & Staff


Campus Mental Health and Wellness Center
Curtiss Hall 112
(989) 964-7078