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Educational Workshops & Training

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Life has its ups and downs, twists and turns, bumps and bruises -- a key to coming out on top is having caring support, managing our reactions and seeking better ways to cope and learn from our situations. 

The Mental Health & Wellness Center is a great resource for educational workshops on alcohol and drug education, suicide prevention training, and other common issues as anxiety, depression, stress management, etc.  To learn more about Alcohol/Drug Education or the Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training QRP (Question, Persuade, REfer) refer to the information below.  If you are interested in a tailored workshop or training, call our office at (989) 964-7078 or via email at

Alcohol & Drug Education

College life allows students to experience new adventures, make connections and forge their own paths.  The Mental Health and Wellness Center is here to help students make an informed decision regarding alcohol and other drugs.  We can provide support for those who need help, provide confidential education on alcohol or other substances that are researched-based.  We also provide risk assessments for students who are not sure if they have a problem or may require it.  If you need more support and treatment for alcohol or substance abuse we can help you find the right provider in our community or yours.

Some of the programs we offer on-campus include: 


A brief alcohol abuse prevention and harm reduction program.  It is presented as a one-session, interactive discussion course for students who have been referred for or would like alcohol education.



A brief alcohol abuse prevention and harm reduction program for students who have been referred for alcohol education as a result of conduct/policy violation.  It is a two-session, interactive journaling and discussion course.


This program targets students who drink alcohol heavily, have faced legal consequences as a result of their drinking, or have experienced or are at risk for alcohol-related problems such as poor class attendance, missed assignments, accidents, sexual assault and violence.


A fast-paced, relevant, and individualized online course for students who have received a conduct/policy violation for marijuana use.  It consists of an individual assessment with a Mental Health & Wellness Center clinician and an online class.

Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training

The Mental Health and Wellness Center offers QRP (Question, Persuade, Refer) training, a nationally recognized, evidence-based suicide prevention training program.  

QPR is a mental health gatekeeper training program intended to teach others to recognize and respond proactively to individuals who may be a potential threat to themselves. The QPR online training program will teach gatekeepers how to recognize warning signs for suicide, question intent around suicide, persuade the individual to seek help and refer people to resources. The training will include didactic instructions, videos and a quiz. Training can be done at your pace and can be completed within one hour. After successfully completing the training, you will receive a certificate certifying that you have been trained as a QPR suicide prevention gatekeeper. 


More information about Question. Persuade. Refer (QRP) can be found on the QRP Institute website at



QRP training is offered in an in-person or online format to SVSU students, faculty and staff.


If you have any questions or would like to get your staff, students or team trained in QPR, contact Mental Health & Wellness Center (MH&WC) at (989) 964-7078 or   


Campus Mental Health and Wellness Center
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